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Saturday 6 October 2012

This Week The Mice have Mostly Been...

We have been one mouse down again this week with HK biggy living it up in Burma - apparently there isn't any phone reception so she hasn't been able to tweet photos smoasting about her time away - i'm sure there will be many to come! Hmmmm I am feeling like one hard done mini mouse missing out on all the globe trotting fun, however I can't complain as it has been a pretty exciting week here in London with the Cosmo Blog Awards! OK last mention of that I promise! 

When we haven't been jumping about with glee or trudging through the dark, rainy wintery mornings, the mice have mostly been...

Perving on food porn... I am of course referring to the fabulous Nigella Lawson back with her new series Nigellissima! I watched on Tuesday and immediately remembered why I love her so much - firstly she is curvy and happy and nothing will stop her adding an extra block of butter or jug of cream to her recipes. She also has a knack of somehow making everything sound super sexy and luxurious even words like 'ground almonds' and 'whisk' !!! 

Did you see her Stylist Magazine front cover q while back? Nothing like shifting those frumpy, miserable, sweaty stereotypes of a chef like covering your face is oozing caramel is there?!?!

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I sat there transfixed, not on her cooking skills but on what she was going to come out with next! She officially has the best one liners... see our pick of her top quotes below...

"They're not quite as bouncy and proud."

"A bit of pottering in the pantry"

"It doesn't matter if that purple red juice seeps into the cream."

"Cooking is actually quite aggressive and controlling and sometimes, yes, there is an element of force-feeding going on"

"It's a very artistic package you have there."

"Underneath will be a hint of inner thigh wibble."

"It will firm up becuase any minute now it's going to be covered luxuriantly with my summer berries"

Tune into BBC2 on Tuesdays at 8:30pm to catch the new series - we know we will be EVERY week!

Commencing my Christmas Countdown... 79 days until Christmas Day and only 56 days until you have a daily reason to get out of bed (especially during the week!) open that little advent calendar door of course! I know it is far too early to be talking Christmas - we are only just into October for heaven's sake ... our cosy mittens and uber long scarfs are still neatly folded however the best pressies are going to sell out fast so start leaving those hints and web pages 'accidently' up on your laptop screen for your boyfriend, husband, mum, dad or very generous sister to see ... I love you lots mice sisters!

We just had to share the best advent calendar EVER! Exclusive to Selfridges you can be the proud owner or the best present giver for a mere £82! This may seem like a lot to a boy but really it isn't. Behind some of those secret cubbies you will find ... LancĂ´me Mini Juicy Tubes, Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, Kiehls Hand Salve, Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance, YSL Mini Kohl Pencil and Shu Uemura Brightening Cleansing Oil. WOW! Can you imagine what the gift on Christmas Day would be...!

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Crowning DFS our sofa saviour... On a very rainy Tuesday night middle mouse made her way to the Tottenham Court Road DFS store where she was introduced to a very snazzy brand new iPad app DFS has launched to make sofa hunting a doddle.

As goldilocks would say, when you move into a new house/flat everyone searches for that dream sofa that's just right! Well that's exactly what this new app can ensure. It gives you a virtual feel for whether a sofa will or not work in your lounge space. Middle mouse met the app creator, Russell Harte and he helped her draw up a 3D plan of our front room to scale adding in every little detail from our wooden flooring, windows and window frames, our TV, coffee table to the exact colour of our walls. They then set to work and got carried away placing sofa after sofa to see which best suited the space. You can also use your iPad camera to instantly place a sofa or photos you have already captured of the space you're trying to fill. These were our tooshie's firm favs...

The app is free and can be downloaded here. Check out the video below to tell you a little bit more:

Going nuts... for the new Mulberry arrivals - every time they release a new range I fall all over again! I always think how are they going to beat this one ... yet they always do! Well I still LOVE my Alexa and Tilly and I definitely don't think they are beaten but they constantly keep up the good work and new creations!! How??? Well this time it's with the addition of a sweet baby turtle lock, amazing croc print and chunky strap! This mind blowing combination goes by the name of Lily! She also comes with a painful hit to the MasterCard at £1,100 - who says you can't buy taste?!

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If the cute little turtle doesn't win your heart then Lily comes in other styles and colours. There literally is one to suit everyone! I would be happy with any of them or even better all of them ... cue 'Dear Old Father Christmas....'

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Secretly smug... about not forking out for Anna Dello Russo from H&M. I know I blogged raving about the range recently but in my defence it looked hot in pictures and on paper the concept seemed top notch. In real life however NO NO NO NO NO - a load of brash gold old tosh! 

Middle mouse and I popped in after the Cosmo blog awards en route for more champagne and the window display caught our eye, well wouldn't it you...

 But upon entering we were two very disappointed mice! The clutch bags didn't even close, the necklaces were broken and the sunglasses were flimsy. The only nice piece in real life was one middle mouse snapped up earlier online (phew)...

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In conclusion, definitely a H&M collaboration to sit out - pricey and cheap. Sorry Anna but the mice are saying NO!
Well that rounds up another exciting and exhausting week and we for one cannot wait for celebratory cocktails and LOTS of sleep! All that is left to say is....

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