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Friday 5 October 2012

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012...

Soooo we are breaking 3BM tradition and postponing 'This Week The Mice have mostly been...' until tomorrow - sad I know but we would only do it for something very special....the Cosmo Bloggers Awards of course!

Firstly how ridiculously amazing to be nominated in the 'Best Lifestyle Blog' Category, all three of us were extremely proud to be invited let alone make the final nominations! Secondly we love a good party so this only heightened the Mice excitement when the save the date dropped into our inbox! As you all know we started 3BM back in February and have been blogging daily ever since! Between the crazy work hours, mice holidays and busy personal schedules I think we have only missed a couple of days blogs - pretty good far! 

Unfortunately HK mouse was on holiday so couldn't attend but us London mice were there with bells on! We scurried about at work secretly refreshing our makeup at our desks, wriggling out of our day old skinny jeans and at 5:30pm on the dot skipped out to meet one another!

SO.....we were up against some pretty stiff competition BUT we won highly commended runners up!!!!! We could not believe it when our name was read out and our Mice pictures came up on the screens - so much so we actually had a mini sister spat! I thought runners up just smiled and lapped up the applause, however Middle Mouse was going up to the stage...!! Turns out she was right...we collected our certificate, prize and had photos...argggg AMAZING, we literally couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces!!! Proof for you all....

Moments after and VERY excited but sad Biggie wasn't there to celebrate!

See the 3BM lowdown of the night below.....


Rose Club, London

We wore....

Middle Mouse 

French Connection Dress £72
OSPREY LONDON Maudie bag £245
Miu Miu Shoes

Mini Mouse
Zara Dress £39.99
Zara Boots £59.99
Mulberry Alexa Bag

And we of course couldn't resist a picture against the Cosmo backdrop...!

They wore....

We drank....

We had a choice of three fabulous cocktails to pick from - no skimping here, the bar was stacked up and constant replacements being shaken and poured! The options were...

Mahiki Breeze - Mahiki Coconut, Cranberry juice and Ting
Tiki Golada - Mahiki Coconut, lime juice, sugar, sweet coconut cream, mint and Ting
Mayfair Honey - Cirok Vodka, elderflower water, honey syrup, lime juice and watermelon

Our fav was the Mayfair Honey...YUM!

And the winners were.....

Best Sex & Relationship blog

Winner - Panda & Crumpet
Highly Commended - All Sweetness & Life

Best Lifestyle blog
Winner - Beautiful Clutter
Highly Commended - US!

Best DIY blog
Winner - Heart Homemade
Highly Commended - Trends With Benefits

Best Food blog
Winner - Poires au Chocolat
Highly Commended - Sinfully Spicy

Best Brand blog

Winner -
Highly Commended - House of Fraser

Best Social Savy blog

Winner - Essie Button
Highly Commended - What Olivia Did

Best New Beauty blog

Winner - 10 Blank Canvases
Highly Commended - SHLYNSBIN

Best Beauty Vlog

Winner - Zoella
Highly Commended - Essie Button

Best established Beauty  blog
Winner - Dolce Vanity
Highly Commended - Milk Teef

Best new Fashion blog
Winner - Lulu Tixabelle
Highly Commended - LDN Thing

Best established Fashion blog
Winner - Strutt
Highly Commended - Polway

Next Newcomer
Winner - A Day in the Life of Ems
Highly Commended - Dolls are United

We went home with.....

The goody bag was literally bursting at the seams, so much so one of the handles broke on my shoulder! It was like Christmas when we got home squealing as we unearthed Elemis goodies, St Tropez tan, Urban Decay make up, Next clutch bag, Palmers cocoa butter oil, limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier Coca Cola bottle and the list goes on!!

After all the excitement of the evening we decided to go for a final celebratory glass of Champagne at Charlotte Street Hotel. The waitress asked us what we were celebrating after witnessing constant peering at our certificate, facebooking, tweeting and excitedly talking non-stop, and then sent over a congratulatory cupcake which just topped the evening off - as Mary Poppins would say...practically perfect in every way - just missing our big sissy!

What a night, we had so much fun and owe Cosmo a HUGE thank you and of course want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of our blog readers and everyone who voted for us!!!! We are so very proud and still cannot believe it, totally and utterly chuffed! What a great way to end the week and kick off two days of glorious free time...have a fabulous weekend our fav blog friends...

The Mice x


  1. Eeep! Love your outfits... you both look amazing! And very jealous of that goody bag!
    Big congrats!

    1. Thank you so much, was such a fun night...the goody bags were pretty impressive! Loving your blog...we will be reading lots!! x

  2. SOOOOO excited for you all. Amazing and hugely deserved xxx

  3. Aw, was so happy for you guys, how lovely was it you listed everyone. We had our own little 'winners' corner was so lovely to meet you lot and congrats!!!!!! * how full was those goodie bags wow, had an achy shoulder lol * xo

    1. I loved our lucky corner it was the best place to be!! Massive CONGRATULATIONS to you too...going to look you up on Twitter now! xx