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Friday 28 September 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Friday at last! 

This week the London Mice have been reunited after Middle Mouse's trip to the Big Apple (more to come on what she did, where she stayed and all the presents that she brought back for the spoilt Baby Mouse in the next few this space). While over in Hong Kong, Mouse Major has been preparing for a bit of an adventure next week in Burma. After months of planning and reading and researching, there'll be a full Burma trip report along with all her photos (or maybe just a few, given that she's likely to take hundreds) on her return.

In the meantime, a speedy round-up of the week gone by, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Practicing our very best Dowager Countess one-liners in celebration of the return of Downton Abbey and Maggie Smith's win at the Emmy Awards this week. The absolute highlight of every episode of our favourite period drama and the very deserving winner of the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Emmy - no one does cutting quite like the Dowager Countess Violet Grantham. Here for your Friday afternoon time-wasting pleasure are Maggie's best lines from Series 1 & 2 (we can't wait to see what other gems Series 3 brings...)

Counting Down to a very, very exciting day... Only six more sleeps until the 4th October, a day that all three Mice have been thoroughly overexcited about for a long, long while now... 

So first of all, next Thursday heralds the launch of the hotly anticipated Anna Dello Russo x H&M accessories collection. We blogged about the collaboration back in May and ever since then, have been lusting after the sneak peeks we've had of the line making mental shopping lists of all the pieces we'll be snapping up at the launch. Top of our ADR for H&M wishlist?

ADR x H&M Crocodile Sunglasses
GBP29.99/ HKD399

GBP29.99/ HKD399 

GBP29.99/ HKD399

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Not enough excitement for you? How about an evening date with Cosmo?! Yes, Thursday is the big night when the winners of the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards will be announced! We were beside ourselves with delirious glee when the nominations were announced back in July and we found out that we'd been shortlisted in the Best Lifestyle Blog category. Two months on, and its time for the London Mice to get all dressed up and head on down to the awards with all the other lovely nominees for a few cocktails and lots of blog chat. Expect a full report next week on what we wore, who we saw and who won what! 

Poring over the bumper tenth anniversary collectors' edition of The Sunday Times' Style Magazine. Packed to the brim with reviews of the decade's fashion and popular culture, interviews with the decade's top models and lots of glossy gorgeous photography as well as all of the usual Style awesomeness, we've been rationing ourselves to a couple of articles a day to make it last as long as possible.

First launched back in 2002, Style has gone on to become a total Sunday staple. In those days, HK Mouse was a penniless student scraping by with only enough money to buy VK Apple, Heat magazine and pizza. Not too keen on spending the equivalent of a vodka & red bull on a newspaper every week, she cunningly told her Dad she'd need him to pay for a subscription to the Times so that she could keep up to date with current affairs - essential to ensure that she passed her degree... Little did he know that everyday when the paper arrived on the doormat it was shoved on a pile in the living room - front page unopened, completely unread. Well there's only so many hours in a day - how's a student supposed to fit in studying, watching Neighbours (at 1:45 and 5:30), an afternoon nap AND reading the paper? 

However, every Sunday it was a totally different story. As soon as the paper arrived it was eagerly snatched from the mat, opened and then rifled through for the ultimate prize - the Sunday Times' Style. An hour later, Style devoured from cover to cover, the rest of the paper was tossed aside, consigned to the living room newspaper pile with the rest of the weeks' news. And not much has changed in ten years...(except that she's swapped Nottingham for Hong Kong and a paper copy for the iPad version).

If you're also a bit of a Style fan (and even if you're not), the ten special Birthday issue front covers, each featuring one of the decade's top models, are available for you to snap up here for the bargain price of just GBP4.99 (plus p+p if you live outside of the UK). We think they're look great framed and hung on a wall.

Here are our favs...

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Raving to anyone who'll listen about the latest Ms Mr track - Dark Du Wop. We first posted about Ms Mr back in July and since then have been listening to Bones and Hurricane on a loop. Not since Lana Del Rey's Video Games have we loved a track so much. Gorgeous melody, hauntingly beautiful vocals and a video that makes your heart hurt (did we mention that we loved it...). If you haven't already heard it, we order you to check it out immediately... 

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!
The Mice

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