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Tuesday 17 July 2012


I think yesterday may just have been the best Monday on record for the Mice so far.

Monday is usually a day of darkness. The weekend's over, the next one is five whole days away and all the rubbish stuff that you put off until after the weekend last Friday are suddenly things that need to be done immediately...

Every Monday Mini Mouse has to be up at some disgusting hour when, even in the summer, it's dark outside so that she can get in for her incredibly early Monday morning meeting. Middle Mouse always finds the first wake up of the week the hardest as she's a bit of a fan of a weekend lie in. And I always have Sunday night insomnia so that by the time my Blackberry makes the nauseating sound that it makes to tell me to get out of bed and go to the gym, I feel as though I have only just closed my eyes...

But yesterday was a whole lot different to usual.

For a start the London Mice were basking poolside in the Mediterranean sunshine, sipping Pimms and reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Over in the East, I wasn't having quite such a blissful day as I was in work as usual but, living vicariously through the girls' holiday photos, I was definitely feeling a little more cheerful.

But cheerful elevated to ecstatic when yesterday evening/afternoon (depending on which time zone we're talking) we got some super exciting news... WE'VE BEEN SHORTLSTED FOR THE COSMOPOLITAN BLOG AWARDS!!!!! Queue lots of desperately trying to call each other and general overexcitedness! 

We're up for the Best Lifestyle Blog Award and we still can't quite believe it! Nineteen other awesome blogs have also been nominated in our category so the competition's stiff but we're just incredibly happy to have been shortlisted!

The winner of each award will be decided on the basis of 50% reader vote and 50% Cosmopolitan judging panel so we're going to do a little bit of begging here - please, please, please vote for us! All you need to do is pop on over to the Cosmo website, enter your email address (this is just to stop spamming you won't be contacted by Cosmopolitan) and then click through to the Lifestyle category and click on our blog name (the vote's registered when you get a little green tick). Voting's open until the 31st August. Thank you, thank you, thank you - we'll be eternally grateful!

And now back to the serious business of celebrating....

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