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Friday 21 September 2012

This Week the Mice Have Mostly Been...

We have two jetsetting Mice this week and one lonely London-bound mouse...Biggie is obvo in HK and Middle is living it up in NY (well working but still!). I've had a picture or two and updates as to the Middle Mouse's goings on which are making me hugely sad to be in London! I have never been to New York, but love the sound of it so much that I'm practically packing my bags as I type! I think a Soho loft apartment, jogs in Central Park and weekend shopping at Henri Bendal would suit me down to a tee...but I'll stick with Shoreditch, Victoria Park and Zara instead!!

So when we haven't been dreaming of a life far away, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Celebrating The Refinery bar's 4th birthday! This week we were emailed an invite, so we thought why not trot on down and help the party along! The bar is located about 5 minutes walks from Southwark tube - it didn't appear to be the liveliest of locations, kind of in the middle of nowhere but the bar was pretty packed and we had lots of fun regardless! The Refinery is the sister to our favourite City based bar The Folly, it has been designed in very much the same theme. Lots of mismatched furniture, sanded wood, impressive high ceilings, exposed light bulbs and lots of candles! Cosy, chic and relaxed, the only difference being that The Refinery is on a much smaller scale.

The celebrations included yum cocktails - I went for a gin and rhubarb bitters concoction complete with an edible flower and my friend Charlotte went for the Mojito topped up with champagne...delish! We were spoilt by tray after tray of delicious canapes - mini mustard hotdogs, ribs and chili lentils and creme fraiche! The treats were so delicious that we constantly had one eye on the kitchen and could barely hold a conversation! As soon as the cocktails kicked in, we swapped to wine which came in glasses so big that they could have been mistaken for buckets! Not a sensible Tuesday evening activity but a quirky, fun bar with delicious food...worth a visit especially if you like suits!

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Sifting through LFW pictures and gossip...HK mouse has done the official round-up but I can't help but comment on my disappointment in the Topshop Unique show. I loved the AW12/13 show back in March and even wrote a post dedicated to the collection raving about the Luxe Utility look, amazing colour palette and especially the velvet jumpsuit - it was effortlessly cool and bang on. However I was left feeling uninspired and dare I say it, slightly bored looking through the SS13 pictures. There were some pieces that I liked and a few prints that were very wearable but I didn't see anything jumping out as particularly new. Unlike the AW show there wasn't a look I felt really, really excited for and wanted to get my hands on ASAP! Come on Topshop, work your magic and be the one and only high street fashion power house once again!!

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Blushing at the most recent royal exposé ...this time it isn't Harry splashed across the front pages baring all, but in fact our Princess Kate! Topless pictures of her were snapped whilst she and William holidayed in France and were quickly snatched up by a few publications who weren't shy in letting us all take a peek at Kate exposed. There's been lots of debate on the photos, where do you stand on it all!? 

Some say that she only has herself to blame. After Harry's recent tough lesson, you would think that topless sunbathing visible from the road would be a definite no no. Especially given that Kate's photographed everywhere that she goes and knows full well that there's an insatiable appetite for pictures of her which the press then dissect for fashion, body language, hair, makeup...anything that they can possibly write about! However, others have said that she was on a private, family estate where she thought that she was far away from prying lenses. It wasn't as though she was sunbathing topless on a public beach while on an official Royal trip. Kate was on holiday with her husband and we think that really she should be able to relax without constant pressure and scrutiny from the press. It is sad that something so private can be witnessed by a complete stranger and plastered everywhere for nation to see, ridicule and use to make money at Kate's expense. 

Like Butter wouldn't melt - poor Kate!
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Right or wrong, I'm not surprised that the brutal press took full opportunity despite poor Kate's privacy or reputation - the words 'gold dust' spring to mind! However I am happy to hear they the Royals have won their court case and a ban on any further publication of the pictures. Now get back to shaking that royal booty in Tuvalu with the locals...!

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Slathering on the new Paul Frank Lip Smackers! Who remembers the Lip Smackers craze back in the day...? Everyone had one in the playground, a sort of competition as to who had the best flavour...I remember my favourite was the watermelon! Well the lip balm brand has now teamed up with American cartoonist and streetwear designer, Paul Frank, and released a new range with 6 'Lip Smackin' flavours - Raspberry, Carrot Cake, Sweet Cream, Strawberry Banana and the one I'm trying out - Fried Ice Cream! Sounds strange but smells divine and they're surprisingly moisturising and shiny! Best of all it takes me back to being in the playground doing hopscotch in my red check school dress, patent shoes and pigtails!

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Well that's it for another week, I will be happy to have my Middle Mouse friend back for lots of gossip, cocktails and nights out this weekend! 10 Greek Street and Archer's Street is on the agenda and lots of TV to catch up on...Mrs Biggs, Leaving and Revenge...who could ask for more! 

Enjoy my friends...!

The Mice x

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