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Saturday 22 September 2012

On the 3BM iPod: Willy Moon

We're not sure how we've only just discovered him, but all of a sudden it's impossible to miss him... In the last couple of months Willy Moon has been everywhere...Vogue, the Independent, various music blogs and of course the brand new iPod nano ad.

Sharp, suave and beyond groomed, Willy Moon looks as though he's stepped straight from the set of Mad Men. His music though while it certainly has a retro flavour is also futuristic at the same time; a little bit rock, a little bit pop, a little bit of something impossible to define. Moon himself doesn't want to put himself in a box: "I am a Willy Moon artist and I make Willy Moon music. I have my own approach and I do things differently... I don't want to try and define it. I just want to entertain people." 

And entertain he definitely does, take a listen, we defy you to sit still...

Willy Moon - Railroad Track

Willy Moon - I Wanna Be Your Man

New iPod Nano Ad Featuring Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah

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