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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Heiress v. Penniless: Giuseppe Zanotti Colour Block Sandals

Remember the Giuseppe Zanotti colour block sandals from last spring? Turquoise and peacock blue, towering 6 inch heels and intricate swirling straps - the perfect statement shoe. But at US$1,150 or  £ 715, unless you were going to make a statement every single day for a hell of a lot of days, you had to have a trust fund to be able to justify them...

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Not really an issue for Nicki Minaj though...

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...or Tamara Ecclestone.

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Both of whom will probably be snapping up this season's Giuseppe Zanotti statement shoe offerings...

Giuseppe Zanotti Cutout suede platform ankle boots

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Not a rapper or an heiress? Fear not, we have a statement shoe to rival the Zanotti fabulousness on a mere mortal's budget. In fact, squint and we're not sure you could tell the difference between these babies and the real thing... Part of Rachel Bilson's collection for ShoeMint (now also available via StylistPick), we think its fair to say that Rachel's been more than a little inspired by the Italian shoe God. Get them before they're gone...

Stella Suede Platform Strappy Sandals available in the UK and Europe from StylistPick for just  £50 and in the US from ShoeMint, a snip at US$79.98

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  1. Those strappy sandals look good. I always like shoes that carry the straps up and over the ankle. I like the appearance of the footwear and I think that this gives more support to the feet. I would feel more comfortable in a pair of heels that have those straps than a pair that don’t.