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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Pitching Paris Against New York: Vive la Différence

The Mice are currently researching a little New Year's sisters' trip to Paris. Queue chains of emails flying between London and Hong Kong with links to hotel websites, lots of squawking about macaroons and shopping at Colette and general over-excitement!

Somewhere between pinning photographs of the Eiffel Tower and trying to work out the best online store for buying Breton tops, we came across a little article on the Guardian website which momentarily stopped our Parisian daydreams and introduced us to an amazing new blog and its very-talented creator...

Paris versus New York - A Tally of Two Cities is a blog which wittily compares the French capital with the Big Apple via beautiful, bright graphic illustrations. During an extended stay in New York back in 2010, French graphic artist, Vahram Muratyan, got to thinking about elements of the two cities which could be brought together in one image to illustrate the contrasting cultures of Paris and New York. The results are funny, charming and just the sort of thing we'd love on the walls of Mouse Towers.

Luckily prints and canvases of each illustration are available via the blog's shop starting from a ridiculously affordable US$35. The blog has also spawned a book, a weekly column in M by Le Monde, La Ville est Belle and a special collaboration with Prada.

We'll leave you with some of our favourite illustrations from the project and get back to re-watching the final series of Sex and the City while dreaming of baguettes and brie...

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