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Monday 20 August 2012

Personal Chef for £4 anyone...why not?!

My constant day dream is to win the Euro Millions, hand in my notice, go straight to Selfridges for a mega shopping spree, jump on a plane to Barbados and after all that go get myself a personal chef....long day shopping? Jet-lagged and crabby after another round the world trip? Oh well, the personal chef will have a tasty meal waiting for me! BLISS! 

No effort, no washing up, no calorie calculations and leaves plenty of time to relax, write blog posts and actually enjoy your evening! Over in Hong Kong Biggie Mouse has Secret Ingredient to make her life stress free and tasty but what do we have in London? Greasy takeaways or expensive 'Healthy' takeaways...?! WELL 3BM have come to the London rescue, don't fork out hundreds a month (as if we could...!) instead head to Whole Foods as we have found the perfect most AMAZINGLY tasty solution!!! 

'Bake in the Bag' Whole Foods style in the best creation and will soon become an addiction...believe me! 

One seriously lazy and hungover Sunday, Middle mouse and I trotted off to the Piccadilly branch to get ourselves a carb-laden feast to fight the food cravings and Sunday blues! As we browsed the many amazing aisles, filling our basket with totally unnecessary but scrumptious goodies, we came across the fresh meat / fish counter. There it was staring back at us....(the picture was taken at 5pm on a Sunday so the stocks were a little low but I think it gives you the idea...)

So you tell the deli man which protein you want, the beauty is you can mix and match whatever you and turf anyone? Fish medley? I went for tiger prawns and salmon fillet...why not! Then next up is your veg...again pick whatever combination you like and as much as you like...there is no limit or minimum as it's all priced on weight...mushrooms, onions, peppers, courgettes, spinach...pile it all into the oven proof bag! Finally pick your sauce, now these change, but usually there are four options from Tikka Masala, to Teriyaki, Green Thai curry and a sort of tomato chili one...this is ladled in, the bag's sealed and weighed...DONE! Middle mouse's was about £3.00 and mine was £4.00 - I'm only a baby, I need it for my growing..?!?!

We then carried our purchases home, swinging our brown paper bags, snacking on our fresh coconut pieces and sipping on amazing passionfruit and cherry juices...carb-craving very much curbed and hangovers a distant memory! 

All you have to do is make an incision in the bag window, put it in a preheated oven at 180c, cook for 8-12 minutes and Bob's your uncle...

Tasty, healthy (depending on your sauce option) and super duper simple... and there's only a plate and fork to wash up when you're done, how much easier could it be?! I predict this will be your new obsession if you haven't discovered it yet, just one word of warning....make your shopping visit after a meal or you will literally buy everything in sight and it's not cheap...could you resist this cake table...we couldn't!!!!

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