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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Mesi Jilly MO Trunkshow: She Sells Seashells

We're a little bit obsessed with cocktail rings. Big, a bit bling and the perfect accessory to a martini (or four), our fingers feel a little naked without one. 

Always on the hunt for new pieces to add to our growing collections, we recently came across Mesi Jilly, undoubtedly the queen of cocktail rings. Handcrafted from seashells and precious stones, each ring is a total object of art. Self-taught Austrian designer Mesi Jilly, cites her own style as a key influence on her jewellery. A fan of statement pieces to offset her casual-chic style, she creates jewellery that's unique and striking but which could just as easily be worn at the beach as at a party. Decadent and dramatic, we're calling a Mesi Jilly as the hardest working accessory in your arsenal of finishing touches this autumn. We'd definitely be accessorising with our seashell beauty from breakfast through to nightcaps. 
So, when we spied the Mesi Jilly trunk show on Moda Operandi at the weekend, our hearts skipped a beat and we began to do some tricky sums in a bid to work out how we could spread the deposit for one of these stunning pieces over the teeny bit of buying power left on our poor overused credit cards. 

The trunk sale runs until next Friday 17th August with delivery scheduled for September/October which means that just as your summer holiday is beginning to feel like it never happened, a little bit of beach will be delivered right to your doorstep. Oh and it'll be studded with sparkle...  

Amethyst Conch Ring






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