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Wednesday 15 August 2012

3BM review: Burger & Lobster

Dual dish restaurants seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment - I recently reviewed the chicken or steak sensation, Tramshed and last week I checked out Burger & Lobster. Bubbledogs is next on my hit list - champagne and hot dogs! 

I have to say I'm digging this 'either or' type restaurant trend. Increasing we're faced with endless lists of daily decisions and the question I put to you is - why should dining out, which is designed to be a treat, be one of those niggling chores? I often find myself sat in a restaurant with friends painstakingly weighing up my starter and main course options ... I really fancy the salmon but I had salmon for lunch ... I'm going to go for the beef carpaccio to start but what if I have food envy when my friend's scallops arrive! I'm unsure as to whether these no-fuss restaurants are simply a passing fad but I for one find it refreshing to be faced with a stripped back menu which takes the stress out of choosing and choosing well. 

So Burger and Lobster ... why does this two-trick pony float my taste bud boat? 

Well top of the list is the minimal choice involved - diners have their pick of one of the following...

1. A burger - 10 ounces of freshly ground grass-fed Irish and corn-fed Nebraskan beef burger rounded off with cheese, bacon and a fluffy burger bun

2. A lobster roll - chunks of lobster meat served in a sweet buttery broiche bun dressed with tangy wasabi mayo

3. A whole lobster - served steamed OR charcoal grilled OR steamed and grilled - a double whammy! A choice of plain butter or garlic butter to pour over your tasty Canadian crustacean

All of the above options come with salty chips and a salad bowl with a price tag of just £20. My advice would be opt for the lobster. Why would you choose a burger when you could have a whole lobster for such a bargain price?! I promise you, you won't be disappointed... 

The service is friendly and fast, a thought that crossed my mind when dining was how the job must be highly monotonous for the chef, waiters and waitresses. With few options you must find yourself doing the job with your eyes closed but credit to them this didn't come across. Our waiter was super attentive, smiley and didn't roll his eyes when we asked him to take a snap of us wearing our plastic bibs holding up our lobster claws!!!

Word of warning, you can't book at the Mayfair location so get there nice and early (before 6pm) so you don't have to queue or go away and come back. The restaurant turn around time is pretty quick though so even if you don't get a table straight away the wait shouldn't be too long.

Burger & Lobster
29 Clarges Street,
020 7409 1699

36 Dean Street,
020 7432 4800

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