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Friday 6 July 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Chained to their desks and not having a whole lot of out of hours fun BUT it's Friday so lets not lower the tone, it's meant to be a celebratory day! Onto what we have had time for...

Totally engrossed in the saucy 'Fifty Shades of Grey' tales. If you missed the debate yesterday, check it out here. I'm only half way through the first book, so very excited at the prospect of a further two still to read and with a holiday on the cards the week after next, getting hooked couldn't have come at a better time. Hours of relaxing, reading and sipping on strong G&T's makes me a very happy mouse indeed!

Eager to get my paws on the new magnetic mascara from Santhilea, the latest beauty trend that everyone's talking about. So how does it work? Well it's not actually magnetic that's just a gimmick to grab your attention. It is pretty simple though...

Step 1 - apply a base layer of magnetic mascara
Step 2 - whilst still wet, dab a coat of mascara builder (fibre-based) from the bottom of your lashes to the top
Step 3 - Reapply a second top coat of the magnetic mascara

AND hey presto, job done! Bat those lashes!

The days of messing about with fake lashes TOWIE style are long gone, from now on it's all about the real deal with a 3-step helping hand! SOLD - where can I get my lifetime supply?! Well with all good things comes a good old-fashioned waiting list to create buzz and demand (the PR in me talking). This beauty marvel is priced at £24.99 so doesn't come cheaply but i'm intrigued to see if it actually works. Sign up here to be one of the first to see if it's all it's cracked up to be: .

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Discovering a new found enthusiasm for hitting the gym after seeing H&Ms brand new Sports Collection. The limited edition range has your full fitness wardrobe covered, guaranteed to have you looking hot (in a non-sweaty way) from your morning run to your evening yoga.  We're particularly lusting after the colour block bustier and the geometric print shorts.

And even more excitingly, from today we can all snap the range up from the H&M pop-up store in Covent Garden. The first of two H&M pop-ups in London this summer (the second opens tomorrow in Westfield), the store will have a retro school gym vibe with reclaimed furniture and sports equiptment.  Both pop-ups are here for just ten weeks and in celebration of the Olympics will exclusively be selling a range of sports pieces in a patriotic Union Jack colour palette. Eat your heart out Stella McCartney...  

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Listening to fireworks and humming the Star Spangled Banner in honour of independence everywhere! The Mice may all be English but we've spent all week celebrating with the Hong Kongers and the Americans on the anniversaries of their independence from Britain.

HK Mouse spent a sunny three day weekend toasting the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover. Sadly she missed the huge twenty minute firework display over Victoria Harbour because she was too sunburnt after a lazy Sunday out on a boat (the shivering London Mice weren't too sympathetic about this...). Apparently it sounded very impressive though!

Then on Wednesday, we all got stuck into July 4th frolics to celebrate American Independence Day.  The perfect excuse to eat American sized portions of burgers, cup cakes and Mississippi Mud Pie...

But, Star Spangled Banner aside, the national anthem that we're currently totally obsessed with is Lana Del Rey's brand new single, National Anthem.  We're particularly loving the video which has Lana channeling Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Onassis as a minxy First Lady to A$AP Rocky's modern day JFK. Yet again the internet's abuzz with Del Rey backlash branding the video racist and over-sexed. We say, it wouldn't be Lana if she wasn't causing some sort of controversy, it's just a music video and we think it's one of the prettiest we've seen in a while...  

Happy, happy weekend - we hope its a good one!
The Mice

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