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Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Hurly Burly girlys are back...

Burlesque is back and with a vengeance thanks to a second helping of the hugely entertaining, funny and raunchy West End show, Hurly Burly. The burlesque inspired musical opened for the first time at London's Garrick Theatre back in March 2011 and due to popular demand is back to entice us all over again!

The girls opened this time at the Duchess Theatre on 2nd July and tickets are available right up until 22nd September. Burlesque artistes, Miss Polly Rae takes centre stage in the production and is supported by six lovely Hurly Burly girlys, one of which is a good friend of mine, Jennifer White but more on that later! Now before I go any further I must pre-warn all girls now ... you WILL come away from the show feeling a mixture of emotions - half feel good and half thoroughly depressed because the bodies on show are works of art and not a smidgen of cellulite to report of!!!

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So onto what the performance directed by critically acclaimed, William Baker has in store for us. Spectacular costumes, beautiful girls, humorous yet sexy scenes and nipple tassel shimmies galore! I think that sums it up perfectly! See a glimpse of the all-singing all-dancing spectacular here...

As I was saying the show positions Polly as the lead alongside six Burlesque beauties, including my dancing buddy, Jennifer White. Let me explain how I know the lovely and super talented Jenny ... we used to go to the same dance school in Rickmansworth back when we were in Secondary School. We mostly mucked around at the back of class but we did share one major thing in common - we both loved to dance. Sadly, we lost touch when I left to go to university but the Hurly Burly Show bought us back together! I was happily lost in the celeb heaven of the Mail Online one lunchtime when I stumbled across a feature on the rise of Burlesque and the new Hurly Burly show. The piece included a fabulously fun tea and cakes photoshoot with Polly and the girls and there Jenny was smiling back at me in full on Hurly Burly character with peroxide blonde hair and very little on! I couldn't believe it! I immediately got in touch and bought tickets to see the much talked about West End sensation and the rest is history!

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The girls are all super talented but I say without bias that Jenny really stands out from the crowd. She moves and tells the story so expertly. Every placement is precise, fluid and simply stunning to watch. Her self-confidence in her ability shines through and you can't help but feel drawn to watch her every move. 

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Read all about Jenny's impressive dance career to date through her personal blog here. So many highlights and achievements but most impressive in my opinion is choreographing and performing a captivating dance routine in Adele's award winning 'Rolling in the Deep' music video. Take it away Jenny...

Tickets will sell out fast so book yours now by calling 0844 412 4659 or purchase online here. Performance times are as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00pm 
Friday: 6:30pm
Saturday: 9:00pm

All performances last for a duration of 120 minutes and the show is strictly for 18 years plus. Closest Tubes are Covent Garden and Holborn.

You won't be disappointed and don't forget to look out for Jenny!

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