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Tuesday 10 July 2012

My Style - Mini Mouse does Festival...

What to wear to a festival when it is pouring down with rain in the point that a month's rain is expected in one weekend?! It wasn't the easiest decision I must say...mostly due to the fact that I don't own any wellies and a mac is an alien concept to me! Previous years and the decision has been easy peasy...a playsuit and flip flops accessorised with fun jewellery...this year there were many more factors to consider!

So I put my thinking cap on and in the end it didn't turn out too disastrous...I was destined to get soaked whatever I opted for!!!

Leather Jacket - this trusty studded number was snapped up from M&S Limited Collection a few years ago, I have worn it to death but it just gets better the more tired it looks! It goes with every outfit and much to my amazement scrunches up very small to fit in one of my many bags!!

Necklace -  this is my most recent high street bargain, £5.99 from H&M! I went on a the hunt after writing my recent neon jewellery post and found the perfect addition! I love the bright neon colours mixed with the chunky gold chain and thought it layered well over a plain striped tee!

Bag - I LOVE bags, they come a very close second to jewellery in my wardrobe lust list! Big, small, shoulder, arm...I love them all! Now this one is a little out there and a bit like marmite, but the magpie inside me couldn't resist the metallic leopard print and once again a deceivingly roomie Urban Outfitters drawstring bag (my leather jacket fitted in it on Saturday when the rain decided to give us a break!) PERFECT!

Bracelets - As I have blogged a million times before I love stacking up different bracelets and creating the ideal clashing arm candy with bright colours, gold, silver...pretty much anything I can find! Here I have my favs on....a gold spiked elastic bracelet from Topshop, a recent neon green/yellow H&M purshase £3.99, gold and black cord combo from Kurt Geiger and a multi coloured diamond scattered friendship bracelet from Urban Outfitters (£4 in the sale BARGAIN!!).

Boots - Finally my old battered Zara leather boots! I have worn these every week for the last two years and they are pretty much on their last legs :-( Gold studs, buckles and worn leather...could I love them any more?! Plus ultimate comfort puts them in at number one of the best buy I have ever made! I will (if it kills me) get a few more months out of them....they even made it through mud baths at Wireless Fetival and a million rude teenagers trampling all over them!!!

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