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Monday 9 July 2012

3BM Hotel Review: Zagreb's Regent Esplande

There's nothing quite like enjoying the luxury of a beautiful hotel in a city far away from home. I had the great pleasure of recently staying at the Regent Esplande Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia whilst on a press trip for one of my client brands, HTC

Don't you just love that mixed feeling of excitement in the lead up to arriving at a hotel. It's that combination of anticipation and nervousness - you've made the informed decision to go ahead and book the hotel but there's that niggling thought in the back of your mind that the hotel might not quite live up to the rave reviews read on Trip Advisor. On the flight out I picked up a copy of Zagreb's Timeout which informed me that the hotel holds the number 1 spot in the magazine's Critics Choice for Zagreb accommodation so that put my mind at ease. Upon arrival, I am pleased to report the Regent Esplande didn't disappoint, in fact, it completely exceeded my expectations!

So lets start with a dash of history ... the art-noveau hotel opened in 1925 and was built right next to the train station to cater for travellers arriving on the Orient Express. This charming story lives and breathes on through stunning sepia Orient Express photography scattered throughout the hotel and Orient Express cocktails served at the bar. Nice touch, however I am slightly miffed by the 'London Orient Express' concoction consisting of gin, Archers, orange and sprite. CRINGE! Is that what the locals of Zagreb think we drink?! Watford High street louts maybe but in London darling we're much more civilised! 

So moving swiftly away from Watford, the hotel really was suitably charming and full to the rafters with character and class. I loved the clock deck placed above the grand entrance in the lobby - a huge crystal chandelier strategically hung overhead highlighting the different times around the world. The outside courtyard was also beautiful with big comfy white chairs and crisp paper white awnings - the perfect g&t spot!

I didn't get to spend as long in my hotel room as I would have liked but I can report the time I did spend was bliss ... heated floors, an endless supply of fluffy white towels, goose-down bedding sent from heaven AND mist-free mirrors. 

The icing on the cake was L'occitane toiletries in the bathroom. My favourite! Always judge a hotel by its miniatures :)

It's not just ordinary folk like me raving about this hotel, over the years the Regent has attracted Royalty and music sensations from Queen Elizabeth II to Louis Armstrong and Cliff Richard to the amazing Elizabeth Taylor. The hotel has a whole wall of fame dedicated to the rich and famous who have kipped there over the years. Nice touch!

So in conclusion if you ever find yourself visiting Zagreb, this is the place to stay! They'll take good care of you...

Mihanoviceva 1
10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 (0)1 456 6666

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