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Friday 1 June 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Wowza what a week and what a weekend ahead!! Last weekend I had one of my best friend's wedding and it was well and truly amazing! We had brilliant sunshine, amazing hog roast, yummy Marlborough and watched our bestie's tie the knot in the most idyllic barn and celebrated well into the night!! Perfect!! 

I rocked my H&M fashion conscious dress (I blogged about the range previously), I saved it especially for the occasion and am happy to say I was the only one wearing it...well worth 2 months of waiting!!! I unfortunately got a bit overzealous dancing when the Take That tribute band came on and ripped the skirt, but I was having too much fun!!!

This weekend it is all about the Jubilee and the four day weekend...eeeeee I cannot wait, much needed!! I have another wedding to attend, this time at Luton Hoo with our friends flying in from all over the world to come, I am so excited!!!! Other than that I will be making the most of the sleep in's and joyous celebrations taking place all over london, all topped off by a Robbo roast dinner in St.Albans! 

Anyway....this week the mice have mostly been...

Being VERY bad Mice and upsetting all the men at Lord's cricket.  The London Mice spent the day yesterday relaxing in the Pavilion, sipping pimms and perving on the HOT cricket players...who knew it was such an enjoyable sport! We had lots of fun, were totally spoilt and had Pimms bought for us all day, however we got a few disapproving glances! Until two years ago the Pavilion and Long Bar only allowed men in, however now woman are invited but with a nightmare dress code! Only skirts / dresses below the knew are allowed, bare arms or any skin is frowned upon and you have to wear shoes that are closed! If I didn't break the code with my jumpsuit and open toe wedges, Melissa definitely did!!! 

A fabulously fun day out and if you don't have anything planned for Tuesday this Bank Holiday weekend, there is Lady's day at Lord's! Free entry for girls, a champagne reception, BBQ and beauty treatments...PERFECTION! Check out the details on the website and get involved!!

Hot cricketer Joe Gatting, the new unveiling of Topshop's Bridal range - 'Tie the Knot!'. Now everyone that knows me can immediately tell you I am Topshop's BIGGEST fan...I would safely say 80% of my wardrobe is from the store! However I cannot imagine myself going in there to buy my wedding dress...but I could be proved wrong...I hope I am!! 

Richard Nicoll has designed a capsule range of seven dresses, comprising of your typical wedding and lace, pink and white, but then mixing in cool and quirky twists, all at affordable prices between £75 and £350.

I'm not convinced that you would wear them as an actual wedding dress however I am definitely loving them as cocktail dresses! They are gorgeous simple designs that also look simply hot, take a peak and see what you think...

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Loving...a gem of a website I came across when looking for a new fun bar to try out in London...Barchick

Firstly I love it because it has a real mix of places reviewed, from pop-up bars to diners, from posh cocktail bars to late night watering holes, NO sign of cheesy high street chains or The Loop bar!! And secondly I LOVE LOVE LOVE the filter sections on it! You can specify 'Where?' e.g. North London, 'What you're after?' options such as... 'speakeasy' 'Kissing' 'Debauchery', 'Who?' e.g 'Take a Date' 'Take a Cheapskate' and finally 'When?' e.g 'Daytime 'Evening' 'Late'. How useful and amazing is that!?! You search all your requirements and it brings back your options to pick from...what did I do without it!!!!

I am obsessed, THANKS Barchick you're the best online black book of bars!!

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HAPPY JUBILEE WEEKEND blog friends....enjoy yourselvessssssss!!!!

x The Mice

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