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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Feel Good Wednesday...

OMG it seems like forever since I last blogged....14 days away and I feel a little rusty! As you have been warned all our Miami and Mexican tales are on their way and we have some goodies to report. We had a fun filled, party packed week in Miami followed by a beach bound seven days in Mexico relaxing and restoring our tired selves. Top Tip, if you intend to visit Miami anytime soon....get down to the gym, it is number one destination to give you a health kick! The girls around the pool at the Mondrian were like a Victoria's Secret campaign...

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Hot, tanned, toned and not an ounce of cellulite...BEST people watching I have ever experienced! So much so that I thought I'd become almost professional with my over sized Miu Miu sunglasses, only to find out that I'm actually the most indiscreet Mouse ever born...I was sworn at by a blow-up plastic barbie and her boyfriend scorned me for staring...So the Mice Advice?  Hone those spying skills and stomach muscles and you'll be Miami good to go! 

When holidaying ignorance of the outside world is bliss, however I feel like speed reading, Internet surfing and shopping is required to get some blog worthy material for you all. I also need to apologise  for my caption'less photographs that I haphazardly tweeted over the past 2 weeks, the absence of my Blackberry Twitter app threw me and it all went slightly wrong! However I see trusty Natalie blogged my pictures with an explanation....something else to work on before I jet off on holiday again! 

Due to my hazy jet lagged brain still very much in holiday mode...where is that pool boy with my G&T and refreshing cold towel... and the fact I have been doing very little for the past fortnight except read, sleep, eat and drink, today's blog will be a snappy one! After continuous magazine flicking I thought it would only be fair to report back my top finds and tips.  Post holiday I am a little low on funds, so I thought some helpful thrifty fashion tips wouldn't go amiss either (my MasterCard got a gooooood flexing believe me, but in foreign countries it doesn't count does it?!?!?)...

Urban Outfitters has some fab bits in at the moment, i'm lusting after the vintage denim shorts, swimwear and Tam Tam Underwear and what better way to update your wardrobe with some of these beauties than a sneaky discount code! Just pop 'UO10' into the promotional code scetion at the checkout and you'll get a nifty 10% taken off the total...shhhh don't tell everyone! 

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One of my favourite make-up brands is MAC - I love the Lustre Drops to give glowing cheekbones in an instant and a tube of Pro Longwear Lipglass in 'Infinitely Likable' has a constant presence in my Mulberry Alexa. Not only do MAC make the best makeup but they also care about the environment and reward their customers for caring too, with their fab 'Back to MAC Program'. All you have to do is collect 6 empty MAC containers / packaging, take them along to your local MAC counter and you will receive a free lipstick of your choice as a thank you! Never a better excuse to get made up and head out for cocktails, it's for the environment after all! 

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I nearly did a little leap of joy when I saw this next one on our flight home, H&M's new Exclusive Glamour collection - I cannot wait to get online tomorrow and try and snap one of these beauties up! It is a brand new range from H&M's Conscious Initiative so once again not only are you buying into a new addition for your Summer wardrobe, but you're also caring for the environment! All designs are made from sustainable materials...think organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. Green fashion was once plain tees and organic cotton socks but not anymore, H&M have once again broken through the stereotype and created environmentally-friendly, red carpet glamour at great prices. Guilt free shopping leaving you looking hot and feeling pretty smug about how green you win! 

Let me introduce you to my favourites and if you're interested get down to a store or online on 12th April...

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Finally if you snap up the May Issue of Elle you'll get a £15 Whistles gift card on the front, even better 10 of the gift cards are actually loaded with £1,000 credit - so grab your copy and get your Whistles card registered here to find out what your fate is....! I've been lusting after the Wysteria trousers suit for a while and if it's at a discount it would be rude not to wouldn't it....?!?!

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Enjoy becoming a beautiful, green trend setter at a snip....!!

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