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Monday 4 June 2012

Crazy About Yves: Le French May YSL Exhibition

Yesterday I finally got round to visiting the YSL exhibition that's currently being housed in the Exhibition Hall of City Hall in Hong Kong.  Part of Le French May, I've been looking forward to checking out stylist, Olivier Chatenet's, private collection of YSL pieces for ages.  Chatenet began his collection twenty years ago when he stumbled across a 10 franc YSL trench coat in a French second hand shop.  Over the past couple of decades Chatenet has accumulated an awe-inspiring wardrobe of iconic YSL.  From silk blouses to safari jackets and jumpsuits to evening gowns with a vast array of jewellery, shoes and scarfs in between.

Until now Chatenet's fastidiously collected loot has been kept behind closed doors but this month saw the doors flung open and the fruits of years of obsessive hunting displayed for us all to swoon over.  Impeccably styled, each mannequin needs to be pored over to give each small detail the justice it deserves.  Pieces spanning from 1966 to 1985 are divided into themed collections, from the Moroccan inspired harem pants and tunics in Exoticism to the black tuxedo in Icons.  The exhibition also includes a selection of the work of fashion photographer, Jeanloup Sieff, including some beautiful images of YSL muse and one of my all time style crushes, Talitha Getty.

The exhibition is free and on until 11th June (open daily from 9am - 8pm).  Make sure you go before it's gone!         


  1. Oh what a fantastic exhibition! I managed to go on the last day! I felt so inspired after it! I love how you wrote about it/described it! (Now i'm also inspired to write about it for my blog!)

    1. So pleased that you enjoyed the post Norma! Can't wait to see your write-up! x The Mice