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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Wild Belle

The hype's been building since the beginning of the year.  Music blogs have been buzzing, all the cool kids have been raving about them, the word on the street is that Wild Belle are going to be big.  No, they're going to be huge.

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Often dubbed this year's Lana Del Rey, when the brother sister duo played at the Mulberry Pool Party at Coachella last month it was almost as though they were playing up to this tag.  But Natalie and Elliot Bergman, are much more Santigold than Lana and the internet chatrooms are buzzing not about their lips/ their billionaire father/ them selling out but all about the music.

The Mice love them and can't wait for their EP, if you haven't already, check them out and see what you think... 

Wild Belle - Keep You

Wild Belle - Take Me Away

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