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Friday 18 May 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

It's Friiiiiiday!

Hello weekend!  Just a few more office-bound hours to get through and then it's time for gin & tonics, lie-ins, shopping and a few more gin & tonics... With the gin in sight, here's our round up of the week gone by to brighten up your day and hopefully make 6pm roll around a little faster.  This week the Mice have mostly been...

Dancing at our desks to Santigold's new album, Master of Makebelieve.  We've loved Santi since her first album, L.E.S. Artistes was the soundtrack to an amazing 3BM holiday in Mykonos in 2008.  Since then there's been a bit of a Santigold hiatus but earlier this year she returned and on 24th April she released her long-awaited second album.  I've been trying to limit my iTunes downloads recently - clicking a 'buy' button on my iPad is just far too easy; five minutes in the iTunes store and I've spent a couple of hundred pounds without even realising... The only way to limit my purchasing is to go cold turkey and avoid the source of the problem altogether, so no iTunes.  But no iTunes has meant that I've been hugely neglectful and had completely forgotten that the new album was out. That was until last Saturday when I was getting ready for a party, reached for my iPod to play L.E.S. Artistes, and thought hang on a minute... So I made a concession to my new no iTunes policy and entered the store of no return - thank God I did.  The new album's been on repeat on my iPod ever since.  It's not quite L.E.S. Artistes but it's a slick slice of electro, MIA-esque pop which will definitely get you revved up for a night of drinking far too much wine and should definitely be the soundtrack to the next 3BM holiday...

Santigold - Disparate Youth

Drooling over all the fabulous Cannes Film Festival fashion.  Last week's Met Gala was a nice little warm-up to the twelve day French fashion extravaganza, but just two days in and the NYC red carpet has all but been forgotten in the face of some megawatt gowns in Cannes.  Our favs so far?  On day one, Eva Longoria in heart-stoppingly beautiful Marchesa and Diane Kruger in etheral, pistachio Giambattista Valli Couture. On day two we loved Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior, the epitome of French chic even down to her Chopard diamond studded hair.


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Doing calculations to work out how I can afford a piece of McQ Alexander McQueen's debut runway collection.  Yesterday Net-a-Porter launched its seven day pop-up McQ store - a chance to privately order Sarah Burton's McQ Alexander McQueen's fall runway collection.  Each limited edition piece will be made to order in the Alexander McQueen atelier in Italy and will be shipped as soon as it's ready.  But here's the thing, although you order now, you pay on delivery.  McQueen are estimating that the shipping date will fall sometime between 15 September and 31 October which means that we have a minimum of seventeen weeks to save for any McQ amazingness that we order... Seventeen whole weeks.  Or eighty five whole days...

My top covets from the collection?

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Now, I don't have a spare few grand knocking about but it has got me thinking...  That beautiful, beautiful bodysuit is £1170 and there are 85 whole days until I would have to pay the lovely people at Net-a-Porter.  And if I divide 1170 by 85 I get the eminently affordable £13.76.  A piece of draw-droppingly gorgeous fashion history with couture-like detailing for the bargain price of £13.76 a day?  How could anyone pass that up?  Let's put £13.76 in context.  A zones 1-6 travelcard on the tube is £15.80 - that's £2.04 more expensive than my McQ bodysuit.  Get up a bit early and walk to work everyday and you'll have the perfect body to slip into your bodysuit when it arrives... A large glass of house wine is usually around £4.50, just three glasses of wine and you'r at my McQ bodysuit.  Swap the wine for tap water and you'll wake up every morning fresh and smug and hangover free but more importantly, come autumn you'll own the bodysuit... 

You have until midday (GMT) on Wednesday 23 May to place your orders, so get those calculators out, get tapping away, start working out what you can drop from your daily spending (lunch?  for wimps and those who won't be wearing McQueen this autumn), order up a storm and start putting those pennies in your piggy can thank me in September!

Wondering how it took us so long to catch onto 30 Rock?!  Just a few episodes into the first series and I'm already hooked!  I have a confession to make, Saturday's iTunes slip-up didn't end with the Santigold album... once I had a taste for clicking that 'buy' button I didn't want to just leave it at a measly one album, I was hungry for more...(this is why I need to be cut off at the source...).  A little browse around and I was suddenly also downloading the first series of 30 Rock.  But again, thank God I did... If you're one of the few other weirdos who hasn't ever seen it (where have we been?  Living in caves?), 30 Rock is the Tina Fey created NBC TV series which centres around Liz Lemon (Fey), the head writer of a weekly comedy sketch show.  Said to be loosely based on Fey's experiences writing for Saturday Night Live, it's fun, easy viewing and absolutely hilarious.  I love, love, love it!

Happy Weekend!
The Mice

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