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Saturday 25 February 2012

Santigold Saturday

Santigold is back.

The queen of laid-back-shouty, catchy, slices of noughties girl power (less Spice Girls, more M.I.A.) is due to release her second album, Make-Believe, this spring four years after her amazing debut album.

You may remember her as Santogold (she changed her stage name back at the start of 2009 after a threatened lawsuit too similar to the title of a film called Santo Gold's Blood Circus, us neither...) or you may just remember her as the one that sung those songs that got stuck in your head from the Lynx and Vo5 adverts...

Either way, she's back with what is rumoured to be a second album well worth the wait.  The latest single from the album, Disparate Youth is very reminiscent of 2008 Santi, we LOVE.

Big Mouth, also taken from the new album is more along the lines of the Lynx/Vo5 side of Santigold.  We prefer Disparate Youth.

And just because it makes me think I'm twenty five, here's some 2008 Santi....

Lights Out

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