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Friday 4 May 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

What a's been go go go with work, lots of late nights for both Middle and Mini Mouse which leaves little time for London fun to report. That, paired with a broken internet connection has also made blogging a little difficult. I've had to utilise my tube journeys and my blackberry to the MAX this week! Unfortunately it looks like another whole week until London Towers will be back online so bear with us, poor HK mouse has to think and type at the speed of light until then!!!

So this week the mice have mostly been...

Squeaking with excitement...when we received an AMAZING package from Josa with not one, not two, not three, BUT four amazing dresses inside! All different prints, shapes and colours eeeek...I’m now going to do a sun dance every night in the hope that he gets his hat on, otherwise some serious layering is going to have to commence so that we can start wearing them immediately...! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then check out Melissa’s blog here, posted a few weeks back on one of our amazing Tulum treasures!

THANK YOU JOSA we love them A LOT!

See below for a sneaky peak of our excited trying on get that MasterCard out and get purchasing online, they’re only a click away...

Playing ladies of leisure...if you read yesterday’s blog post you'll be fully clued up on the new Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemakers website that launched this week, and how much did we enjoy our first bloggers' event welcoming the site!?! We pretty much had to get up normal work time but when you’re heading to The Arts Club on Dover Street to be met with row upon row of gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes it really doesn’t matter! And any yawns and bleary eyes were soon forgotten when we were met with plates laden with heavenly pastries (we shared a ridiculously amazing almond and raspberry parcel) and glasses of freshly squeezed apple juice.  By the time that we left clutching our gorgeous Choo goody bags we were definitely scheming on how we could trade in our usual jobs for doing this every day!

An all round fabulous morning which only fuelled my relentless craving to shop shop shop and so I headed to Topshop and Zara to get my fix!
I picked up an amazing bracelet-come-ring from Topshop to add to my ever growing jewellery collection and nearly shed actual tears when I found out that these wedge trainers had sold out in a size four - I WANT THEM!

Image via:

I thought I would jump on the sporty luxe sweat bandwagon and snapped up a sweat/woven mix jumper from Zara and got lured in by these snake spray on jeans...must make time for the gym....

Image via

Tuning into...Dexter! What with all this miserable weather what better way to spend a cold, dark, wet evening than snuggled under a duvet with a big glass of wine engrossed in a new brilliant boxset! With Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters and Sex and the City ALL exhausted, and after Fearne Cotton’s constant raving, we have decided to start Dexter.

With the manic week we've had and me being off sick yesterday (sniff sniff) we haven't had much time to get very far...but so far, so good...(I'm secretly missing McSteamy and Alex Karev though) I shall perservere this weekend and let you all know if it's worth a watch...

On that note roll on bank holiday weekend...sorry Hong Konger’s but you had yours this week so... don’t be jelly!! Please can we have some sun and some fun and if not then some internet so I can at least do some BLOGGING!!!!!

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