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Thursday 26 April 2012

Through the Keyhole: 3BadMice on Little Maison

The very lovely Mandy Forlenza, founder of Little Maison, a home decor, vintage and fashion blog, is one of our brand new blog buds.  Writing 3BadMice has been so much fun so far and one of the great things that we hadn't really expected has been connecting with people all over the world who are obsessed with all the same things as us (shoes, red wine, fab vintage home decor...).  

Mandy has just started a new feature on her blog called My Little Maison which explores the homes of various people she's met through blogging.  And this week we were thrilled to be the subject of our very own My Little Maison Post!  Sneak peak below of a couple of photos from Mouse Towers in London and Mouse Shoebox in Hong Kong - click through to see more....

Thanks so much Mandy, we love the post!

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