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Friday 27 April 2012

This Week the Mice Have Mostly Been...

It's Friiiiday!

And this week seems to have flown by!

So without further ado, the run down of how I've filled it, this week I've mostly been...

Celeb spotting without success's been a bit of a starry week in Hong Kong this week.  For anyone who lives any other big city around the world like London or New York it may sound a little ridiculous that I'm excited that celebrities are somewhere in the city that I live.  But somehow the Central district, where I live and where most of the celeb goings on this week have been happening, has a bit of a villagey feel.  On a regular basis I'll pop down to the supermarket and bump into five or six people I know en route (not so great when I'm doing a quick scuttle to pick up breakfast supplies on a Sunday morning make-up-less with the hangover from hell).  Having said that, no luck in bumping into Victoria Beckham who was in town on Wednesday for the launch of her Victoria, Victoria Beckham line at Lane Crawford (and from what I've read, even those who went to the launch were lucky to catch a glimpse of her.  Oh well, clearly need to brush up on my celeb stalking skills.  I have seen photos of the real star of the Beckham show though, Harper who accompanied Victoria on her trip to China.  At Hong Kong airport yesterday she looked every inch the fashionista in the making in her nude coloured tutu dress with very on-trend metallic accents; this season's must have accessory, a hairband; and even miniature tan tasselled sandals - take that Suri!  

And that's not all, more celebs descend on us today as Liberatum, a three day culture and media festival, kicks off in Hong Kong.  The programme looks pretty diverse and includes exclusive screening of interviews filmed by leaving Las Vegas director, Mike Figgis, and this afternoon, a session with Pharrell and William Orbit on contemporary music and design.  What's even better is that it's free entry on a first come first served basis - should make the celeb stalking much simpler...

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Getting over the disappointment of Lana Del Rey's Live Lounge cover of Kasabian's Goodnight Kiss*  with the discovery of Δ (Alt-J).  I tuned into Radio 1 last Friday to hear the Lana Live Lounge and heard Fearne Cotton's record of the week Δ - Breeze Blocks which I haven't been able to get out of my head ever since.  It also happens to be the perfect tune to get you through a draggy Friday afternoon!

* (just to clarify my Del Rey disappointment centred around the song choice.  I don't mind Kasabian, but I'm not a particular fan of this track.  For an artist with such a beautiful voice, I thought it was an odd choice and the performance just did nothing for me.  She said she'd chosen the track because all her boyfriends have been big Kasabian fans but I'd hazard a guess that it was a return favour for Kasabian having covered Video Games last year, a cover that I'm also not a fan of.) 

Keeping my fingers crossed for another weekend like last weekend.  After a week of horrid weather in Hong Kong, last weekend was beautiful - blue skies and sun - perfect sunbathing weather.  Sunday was particularly nice so we headed up to Snake Bay in the New Territories on a friend's boat.  It was my ideal Sunday, a warm sunny day full of lazing, reading magazines, eating too much and drinking champagne.  I even dipped my toe in the sea but the water's still pretty freezing and I was too much of a wimp to actually get in.  It's currently grey and misty outside but I have high hopes that the sun can pull it out of the bag again this weekend...  

Wondering whether if I make like Dorothy, click my dull, black heels together, and repeat three times, "Giuseppe Zanotti", maybe these ruby red shooties will magically appear on my feet...damn, it doesn't appear to be working...

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Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!
The Mice

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