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Sunday 22 April 2012

Southern Comfort: Introducing Honey Pie

If you're a Hong Konger with a sweet tooth I have some very good news for you.

Master baker, Justine Wardrop has just launched her cookie and muffin company, Honey Pie.  Justine is originally from the US and has spent years perfecting the perfect recipes for her all-American sweet treats.  After feeding up all her friends she decided to set up Honey Pie which means that the rest of Hong Kong can now get their hands on her incredible cookies and muffins.

I ordered three boxes of muffins to be delivered to my office on Friday to celebrate the end of a long, rainy week and to get the weekend started.  The muffins arrived beautifully packaged in baking paper lined brown boxes all tied up with yellow and brown ribbons.  I opened the boxes to reveal twenty seven mouthwatering muffins - half blueberry and the other half banana.  I set them out on the kitchen counter and nipped back to my PC to send out an email tipping people off to grab one before they went.  Turns out the email was probably unnecessary, word had spread like wildfire and when I got back to the kitchen there were three empty boxes... Devastated to have missed out, I was about to throw the boxes away when I spied one last little blueberry muffin nestling in the corner of the third box.  I greedily grabbed it and dashed back to my desk to devour it with a cup of tea.  It was delicious, light and fluffy and packed with juicy blueberries (my tummy's rumbling as I type).  

To order your little bit of Houston in Hong Kong, drop Justine an email: or order on the website.  I warn you though, they're addictive...

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