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Saturday 21 April 2012

Lazy Sunday Spot...

I'm on the constant look out for new cosy pubs for lazy Sunday lunches or hungover gossipping from the night before! One of my trusty besties from university, Fran, had her engagement drinks (ekkk!) at a gorgeous pub last weekend, a perfect addition to the list - The Canonbury.

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The walk from Highbury and Islington tube station required a map, but maybe this seemed more complex than it actually was as my attention was less on the map, more on the totally amazing houses on Compton street! Flat roofed town houses, with stoops, pillars, beautiful big windows and high ceilings! I saw a 'For Sale' sign and even put the estate agents in my if Middle mouse and I could afford such a palace!! What more could a girl need amazing house on a quaint street, a homely local pub just around the corner and right opposite Tom Flowers - the cutest little florist!

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So back to The Canonbury...cosy, comfy, spacious interior - there are two separate sections, one for informal drinks and food, and then a more formal dining area. The wine list is good (well there was a Marlborough present and that's all I care about!) and the cocktails looked delish! My friend Becca sampled one of the Canonbury's roasts before the party and gave it top food points! I didn't try the roasts but the newly engaged couple had ordered canapes for everyone and I was VERY impressed indeed! Chorizo, prawn and cherry tomato skewers, honey and mustard sausages and the most incredible baby chicken, tarragon, leek and bacon pies...lush! 

The cherry on top has to be the large garden terrace just waiting for summer time drinking! Perfect for Pimms O'clock (in my world that strikes every 15 minutes) especially on a Sunday to keep the Monday morning blues away!!!

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