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Friday 16 March 2012

This Week the Mice have mostly Been...

TGIF...There just aren't enough Fridays in the week!

So as another work week bites the dust, we bring you a round-up of the seven days just gone.  This week the Mice have mostly been...

Channeling Mr Motivator (minus the bumbag) trying to get our bodies into Easter beach holiday shape.  With just two weeks to go for HK Mouse and one little week for the London Mice, this week we've been up at the crack of dawn every morning working up a sweat on the treadmill and doing as many ab crunches as we can in the vain hope that a six pack can be achieved in the limited time left (look, we'll settle for a four pack, we're getting desperate now...).  Our workout essentials?  A Bobble Bottle - workout rehydration via the bottle that magically filters water as you drink it, essential in HK where the tap water is revolting.  A Shock Absorber sports bra - the best support bar none, absolutely no jiggling or bouncing!  Stocked by John LewisDebenhams and Sweaty Betty in the UK and Escapade in Hong Kong (the Central branch is the one that you see as you head up the escalators from Queens Road Central) they're not cheap but they're definitely worth the cash.  And of course an iPad loaded up with Gossip Girl and the 3BM Gym Playlist.

Introducing Ourselves to Starbucks.  On Wednesday the London Mice went popped into Starbucks to introduce themselves and claim their free tall Latte.  I tried this in HK but to no avail... Our current Starbucks obsession (and thankfully its low cal enough to fit in with the Mr Motivator routine) is a, deep breath, tall skinny, sugar-free, Vanilla Creme Frappuccino without the cream... basically low fat, low cal Mr Whippy - YUM! 

Making like Kate and looking to snap up everything Issa.  The s/s collection is absolutely amazing and we want it all, we just wish that we had a princess sized credit card limit.  Better start kissing some frogs...

Long Kimono Dress £480.43

Long Ruched Caftan Dress £513.56

 V-Neck Long Dress £559.55

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Happy Weekend Everyone!

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