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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Last Day of LFW A/W12: Glitter, Chocolate & Teaspoons

London Fashion Week drew to a close yesterday with a bang.  

At Holly Fulton a riot of prints.  At Meadham Kirchhoff glitter, tinsel, raucous colour and Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas'.  At Anya Hindmarch a chocolate factory featuring  'Anya's Quality Treats' chocolates and conveyor belts of handbags powered, it was revealed at the end of the show, by the designer herself pedaling mad professor style on a bicycle.

And then there was Mary Katrantzou. 

The woman is a genius.  The concept behind the show was the elevation of everyday objects "from the mundane to the sublime".  Bathtubs, telephone dials, coat hangers and teaspoons were digitally printed in seven main colourways and then crafted into classic Katrantzou structured, sculptural pieces.  While this may sound like an attention-seeking designer attempting to be "zany" presenting a cartoonish show, Katrantzou executed the collection beautifully with measured elegance and refinement.  At a glance the concept isn't apparent; its only on the careful examination that these pieces deserve that you realise that the pencil skirt is actually constructed from HBs complete with pink erasers.

Words really cannot do the undoubted star collection of fashion week justice.  So, we bring you thirty two beautiful pictures of the full collection in all its splendour for you to gasp and squeal over and forward to all your fashion friends.

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