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Wednesday 23 December 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

With only two more sleeps to go we can hardly contain our festive feelings of excitement!!! 

We thought we'd go out with a Christmassy bang and roll the This Week The Mice Have Mostly blog forward and make this our final blog post of 2015. Where has the year gone Micey pals - scary!

Sadly this year HK Mouse is staying in Hong Kong with her mouse man so there's only one thing for it ... Skype sessions hourly to feel like we're all still together and an Instagram-a-minute so we have a blow-by-blow account of how the London and HK mouseholds are performing on the festive front!

Enough babbling from me, let's get onto the good stuff - This week The Mice Have Mostly been...

Eagerly planning a New Year’s eve of decadence, dancing & disco balls! This year we’ve decided to do it in two parts – keep the early hours laidback and chilled with some serious pub grub in The Albion followed by fun, frolics and copious amount of Patron at The Dead Dolls Club in Islington, who are putting on a black & white masked ball – swoon! 

New Year’s Eve is always a bit of a bigged up flop in my opinion… everyone builds anticipation for a night that is almost always guaranteed to be a tad depressing – am I right or am I right?! Previous years we have fled London and rented a big house in the country with lots of friends and enjoyed a few days away eating and drinking way too much and playing as many games as humanly possible. Every time we’ve done this NYE has been nothing but fantastically super! But with everyone increasingly travelling further afield to celebrate Christmas with friends and family, planning these kind of trips has become more and more taxing hence the lower key route planned out this year. I have no doubt it will be just a fun however – stayed tuned for 3BM Insta-spamming!

If you’re fancying a low key one too why not check out some of the following pubs who are also putting on special events and curated menus to see the new year in…

The Truscott Arms in Maida Vale – will be serving a special tasting menu (£95 per person) with the option to add matching wines at an additional charge of £35 or £55. In the bar there will be music, bubbly and canapés galore! 

The Camberwell Arms in Southwark – are putting on a ticketed dinner (£45 per person) with guaranteed dancing afterwards until 3am. They have two dinner sittings - one between 6-7pm and the other between 8.30-9pm

The Drapers Arms, Islington - are running a normal a la carte menu, with a few more decadent options – fancy! They will be serving up until midnight and raising a glass with fireworks.

Racing to the corner shop to grab this year's Christmas Radio Times - the ultimate sign that the big day is just around the corner!

Every year since we were teeny tiny Mice we've done it as a tradition, HK mouse and I would snuggle up in front of the tree with the Radio Times and a pen and go circle crazy! By the time we were finished there'd be so many rings you'd barely be able to see the page! We'd get straight down to business and begin programming the video player...yes an actual VCR...but despite our intentions we'd barely see half of what we'd planned, as we were far too busy playing games and stuffing our mouse chops with endless delectable treats!

This year HK Mouse can't get time off work to come join us at the London mouse-hold, so instead I thought I'd share my 'circles' with you....

The Snowman & The Snowman and Snowdog - Christmas Eve 4:55pm and 5:25pm, channel 4

To accompany your last minute Christmas wrapping why not get super festive and go back to the ultimate Raymond Briggs Chrimbo tale...

Downtown Abbey - The Finale, Christmas Day 8:45pm, ITV

Christmas day with the Crawleys is unmissable, especially when it's the last ever episode! Settle down for the two hour session with a full turkey tummy and I guarantee by the time the credits roll you'll be right ready for cheese!

Gogglesprogs, Christmas Day 8pm, channel 4

If like us, you're totally obsessed with Gogglebox...who doesn't love Scarlett's witty one liners, Leon's dirty smirks, Steph & Dom's endless drinks cabinet and vicar Kate's lazy dog...then you'll be excited to hear that there's a kid's version making its way to our screens!

Perfect champagne guzzling viewing I would say....!!

And The There Were None, Boxing Day 9pm, BBC1

If you're after something a little more substantial then why not try this Agatha Christie murder mystery adaptation. Set in 1939 on a small island off Devon this three part drama (continuing on 27th & 28th) is sure to have you scratching your heads - a welcome break from thinking soley about when you can fit your next snack/meal/cheese course/pudding in!

Or if all else fails why not dig out all the Chrimble favourites - Love Actually, The Holiday, It's A Wonderful Life, Bridget Jone's Diary, Elf...they never disappoint!!

So that's it from us for 2015 BUT we'll be back next year with lashings of new year love for you all!

Until then...

Wishing you all a merry Christmas,

All our love

The Mice 

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