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Friday 18 December 2015

Cosy Christmas Cinema Club...

Last weekend us London mice got well and truly into the festive spirit - we put up our sweet little Christmas tree and decorated her with twinkling lights and  then once that was done we trotted off to The Underground Film Club to snuggle up and watch a very festive screening of Bridget Jones, one of my top guilty pleasures!

Mini mouse came up with this festive plan of action after reading an underground cinema round-up article in TimeOut. The vaults nestled under Waterloo station faired well and so we decided spending our Sunday there on a rainy afternoon sounded pretty splendid! 

We walked in and were met with a booze fuelled, crazy golf scenario laid before us ... how very east London! 

We walked on rather quickly through to the next vault where the Christmassy cinema awaited - eek! Two banks of red velvet tiered seating, Chesterfields for the keen beans at the front and headphones waiting for everyone - the trains overhead are too loud you see so headphones are oh-so-necessary and fun too! 

It was the lovely lazy, feel good afternoon and the perfect way to kick-start our 3BadMice festivities. 

There are still a few screenings in the lead up to Christmas so my advice to you is book now and bag your spot! There are several showings that have now sold out, mostly the slots showing Elf, no surprises there -

Check out the below list for the screenings that still have availability: 

Miracle on 34th Street - Saturday 19th December
Edward Scissorhands - Saturday 19th December
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Sunday 20th December
It's a Wonderful Life - Sunday 20th December
Shakespeare in Love - Monday 21st December
Love Actually - Tuesday 22nd December
It's a Wonderful Life - Wednesday 23rd December

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