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Monday 23 November 2015

Christmas Countdown 2015...

And we're back....

After far too much gallivanting with both of my mice sisters, we needed substantial recovery time. What with HK Mouse's fabulous wedding and a serious session of celebrations in the run up and run down, we were in need of 100 years sleep!

Rest and restoration complete, we're now ready and raring to go....just in time for Christmas! With just 32 days to go, we best get cracking...there's reams of presents to purchase, gallons of mulled wine to sip and stacks of Christmas films to rewatch!

Where to start is a good question, and one I can answer immediately...with an advent calendar of course! 

Everyone needs a Christmas countdown and especially one with an awesome treat each day. Gone are the days when a picture and small chocolate shape will suffice, oh no there's many more exciting options to be had! 

This year HK mouse has well and truly outdone herself and spoilt us rotten with this little beauty...

And we may have sent her some Charlotte Tilbury seasonal cheer...

With job number one complete at this end, we thought you may need some inspiration as there isn't much time left! Let the begging and whinging commence and flutter those lashes towards one of these bad boys...

Jo Malone, £260

Benefit, £34.50

Liberty, £149

Selfridges, £60

Ginvent calendar, £150

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