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Monday 21 September 2015

Uncommon Wedding Gifts

It's T-6 weeks until my wedding and I'm going to confess right now to being completely and utterly big day-absorbed. I spend every waking hour running through guest list spreadsheets, crafting decor DIYs and putting together table plans (a task more complex than advanced algebra). And then, when I finally fall exhausted into bed, my dreams are filled with huge frothy white dresses, collapsing cakes and numerous other potential wedding disasters...

So it's hardly surprising that my blog posts are soaking up a little of the Bridezilla craziness. Last week I blogged about the quest for wedding picture perfect skin, this week it's wedding presents. 

If brides bring you out in hives, don't stop reading just yet though. Although I'm twisting today's post to give it a nice nuptials slant, the real star of the show is an awesome online marketplace that sells much more than wedding gifts and that if you haven't heard about yet, you really should... Say hello to Uncommon Goods

Selling a carefully curated selection of gifts, jewellery, homeware and other unique trinkets, Uncommon Goods is a sort of virtual artisanal market which can be shopped from the comfort of your sofa, in your pyjamas with a glass of wine. 
Whether you're on the lookout for that perfect Birthday present or an anniversary gift; whether you're shopping for something to mark a new baby, a new job or a new home or even if you just want a way to show yourself how special you think you are, we guarantee you'll find something a little out of the ordinary in the Uncommon Goods Gift section

Because I have a severe case of wedding brain, I've handpicked a couple of beautiful pieces from the Uncommon Goods wedding section which I think are the ideal alternative to the traditional dull, domestic gifts. If you're at a loss of what to get the couple who have everything, here's a little gift inspo...




Which should end up looking a little something like this...

Last but not least, a little hint to anyone who might be marrying me next month - I might just be a little obsessed with a couple of things in the handmade jewellery section like, I don't know, say the handwriting necklace... It's never too early to start planning anniversary gifts. Just saying.

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