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Friday 4 September 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

TFI FRIDAY is all I can say...

It may have officially been a short week, but an extremely painful one at that! 

I've only been doing one thing over the last five days, and that's SLEEPING my way to recovery! On that note I'm making a slight amend to our Friday post and giving it one subject only - HVAR!!

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Celebrating 30 years (again) in truly ridiculous style with yet another holiday but this time with my uni girls to Croatia! WOW is all I can say...boozy, ridiculous fun and little sleep just about fits the bill!

If your idea of a good holiday is sunning, partying, feasting, cocktails and constant laughing, then you're in for the biggest treat! Hvar ticks all those boxes and much more. I'm experiencing one serious case of holiday blues.

If you're up for giving it a whirl this is what you need to do...

Make sure you book your catamaran from Split before you go - it takes all the hassle out of travelling on the day and you're pretty much drunk 24/7 so anything pre planned is a godsend! It takes just under an hour, and although not full of glamour, it's gets you from A to B safely and quickly. We used Jadrolinija - super easy and a bargain!

When on the island water taxis are pretty much the same price as a regular road taxi, so my advice is get one every time! So much more fun, you get see the beautiful island from the sea and the sunsets are unreal! Plus the perfect picture opportunity which we of course LOVED!!! 

Prepare yourself to look a little wind swept...

Most days hit mid thirties with blazing sunshine and little breeze, therefore a pool is essential! When hunting for our holiday abode we immediately discounted a hotel - it seems Hvar does luxury hotel prices but the decor doesn't seem to quite live up to lush expectations - having said that we may just be spoilt and picky! Instead we opted for a cute villa just 15 minutes walk (5 mins taxi) from the port and were pretty much at home as soon as we walked through the door. 

Three spacious bedrooms, a cute outdoor terrace, a much needed pool, a huge BBQ, lots of palm trees (obvious holiday essential!), super comfy beds and simple white interiors. 

However our fabulous villa host made our holiday, Pilip answered every question we had, gave us a local mobile phone loaded with essential numbers and even left fresh bread and croissants outside the door every day...amazing! 

Other than boating everywhere and tanning as much as our hangovers would allow, we pretty much filled the rest of time with... 

Eating a delicious meal at the beautiful restaurant Zori. You'll need a water taxi to get to the island Palmizana, which takes around 20 minutes and I would advise to go around 7/7:30pm for sunset. 

The setting is beautiful with the restaurant overlooking the picture perfect Adriatic water and the dining area lit only by paper lanterns strung through the palm trees. Plus it helps that the food and wine were both scrumptious...absolute perfection!

We spent a day at Laganini beach club which is located just next door to Zori, this was the dream place to while away a hangover. With a chilled laid vibe, you can lounge all day ordering drinks to your sun bed (when you feel ready to brave alcohol) and hide away beneath the shaded canopies to devour a long lunch when the sun gets too much!

Make sure you book beds before hand and get the 12 noon boat over from Carpe Diem - they won't hold your sun beds...we found this out the hard way, boo hoooooo! 

A must for anyone visiting is Hula Hula beach bar. Essentially a wooden decking overlooking the sea which gets busy from 4pm and goes mental until about 11pm. 

We're talking dancing on chairs, benches, tables...actually anything that can be found! It's gets super duper busy so make sure you get a good spot early on! 

As Hula Hula winds down head on over to the Carpe Diem bar. You'll find it at the end of the port past all the super yachts - OK we did try to embark one by telling the security guard our parents were friends with the owners, but somehow they didn't quite buy it?! Anyway...Carpe Diem is the place to while away a few hours drinking, dancing and generally getting perfectly boozy to jump aboard the free water taxi to the Carpe Diem club, all on an island of its own!

Boats start at 12:30am and run all night until around 6am. After a 10 minute journey you're pretty much met with an island full of fun! There's a pool, beach, lounge area, dance floor, many bars and even pizza for when you need a disco snack! I guarantee you'll end up there most nights despite promising you won't!

My final recommendation is the lush Bonj Les Bains beach club. If you're feeling a little jaded and in desperate need of some quiet relaxation and recovery time, then this is the gem for you. 

We had a private pontoon for the day which consisted of cloud-like beds, heaps of cushions, fluffy towels, a massive four poster shaded bed with three extra sunbeds for the worshippers among us and a chilled bottle of Moet. 

The gorgeous restaurant is set high up in the white stone colonnade with never ending ocean views. We feasted on crisp prawn and avocado salads, the freshest sashimi and of course a few chilled glasses of white wine!

Oh and of course drink champagne from your arrival at the airport to the very end of each day and you're guaranteed to have the most fabulous time!!!!

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