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Monday 28 September 2015

Meat Mania - Berber & Q ...

I love it when you stumble across an awesome gem that you just know you'll visit time and time again and never be disappointed. It's a rare occurrence these days, especially in London where majority of new openings concentrate on style or quirk over substance; whatever happened to simply awesome flavours and spot on cooking?

The restaurant in question is Berber and Q. Located a few minutes walk from Haggerston overground, it's not the easiest of places to get to but well worth the trek let me tell you. I'd read rave reviews so was confident it would tick the boxes, however when checking out the menu before hand, I still wasn't too sure what to expect - I usually know what I'm going to order before I even get to a restaurant! To sum it up in a few words - expect a Middle Eastern inspired menu with a strong theme around in house smoking of meats and an abundance of flavour with everything that passes your lips! 

We decided to try it out for one of Middle Mouse's birthday celebrations last Wednesday night, as you can't book we were a little worried so two of us turned up just after six. The place was empty - at this point I was feeling a little less sure of our selection, so we trotted a couple of doors up to sink a few carafes of Pinot Noir whilst we waited for the other two. When everyone had arrived we wandered back to find the place heaving and exuding the most appetising aromas and a contagious buzz - tick tick tick!

Despite being busy the ideal table was just vacating as we arrived so we were seated immediately! However if this isn't the case for you, there is the perfect bar amongst all the fun where you can wait and make your way through the Middle Eastern inspired cocktail list!

Inside you'll find a dimly lit arched space with an urban feel cosied up by the electric buzz from the open kitchen and very happy diners! 

We sadly skipped cocktails to carry on with red but next time I'm going all in, they sound super unusual and could add an extra sparkle to an already very shiny gem! 

We of course ordered enough food to feed an army! Our waitress advised to order one meat and side per person, which was pretty perfect for a ravenous pack like us, however for four normal people I reckon 3 meats and 4 sides would have sufficed (I had to be rolled out and into a waiting uber!) Having said that, we certainly weren't complaining as the food was very literally, finger licking good!

Cosy lighting = blog picture nightmare, but take my word for it - HEAVENLY!

Get a dinner date in the dairy ASAP and make sure you follow my Berber & Q top tips:

1. Wear expandable trousers or a VERY loose fitting outfit

2. Go hungry 

3. Don't let the incredible aromas from the kitchen trick you into order extra - you WILL NOT need it

4. The garlic sauce is amazing BUT if you're on a date steer clear...seriously strong and tricky to shift for the next 7 days!!!! 

5. Enjoy every morsel of food!!!

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  1. Went here for brunch on Sunday morning. It's probably not the first place you'd think of heading to on a sunny day (it's in a low-lit, bare brick archway near Haggerston Overground) but the food was top notch. I ordered the Tunisian shakshuka - poached eggs in a rich red pepper and tomato sauce. It looked fantastic, beautifully presented in a metal pan with a side order of soft bread and fresh salad. The place was pretty quiet for brunch but I imagine it gets quite busy on an evening, and deservedly so, would definitely recommend.