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Wednesday 22 July 2015


With Ibiza now within touching distance we're trying every trick in the book to become the honed beach goddesses we just know are hidden deep within us! 

Great intentions are one thing, however reality is quite another - the only way to keep on the uber-healthy straight and narrow seems to be to hibernate away from everyone and everything! 

That way you don't risk bumping into the Spitalfields Bread Ahead stall...

A super handsome ice cream sandwich...

Or smelling the delectable aroma of Dinerama, where you know all that's oozing within... 

See I don't really have a choice but to HIDE...but shock horror I got bored almost instantly whilst peering out at the blazing sunshine talking only to myself! So the only solution...the cinema. Something I used to consider as a night out when I was 14, but the perfect solution to all my worries right now!

Our local is the Electric Shoreditch which ticks all the boxes with super squishy armchairs and cashmere blankets - beware it's so comfortable you may never be able to get up! There's always the slight temptation of course, each chair has its own table perfectly sized for a saucer of chilled prosecco and a bowl of shiny green nocellara olives, however there is also the option to order from the House Press juice menu! 

With Entourage and Magic Mike XXL ticked off the list, next up was Amy. 

I wasn't too sure what to expect but had of course read about the controversy between Asif Kapadia (the director) and Amy's father Mitch. After initially granting the go ahead to the film and offering access to video footage, photos and even one to one interviews, Amy's father was not happy with the final edit and didn't believe it to be a true reflection of her life. 

True or not, it's a must see film. Captivating, beautiful, honest, intriguing and heart wrenchingly sad - placing no straight blame but instead taking you through the emotional roller coaster that was Amy's life.

From early footage as a pre teen belting out vocals as if she had years of experience, to amazing snippets of Amy recording in the studio doing what she loved and finally, sadly the downward spiral to what became the golden ticket to the paparazzi. 

One of my favourite clips was Amy recording 'Back to Black' with Mark Ronson, showing what a true talent she really was and how amazing her vocals were...

The film itself is compiled from video archives filmed by friends, family and her manager on the road, at gigs and even in rehab. This is combined with photographs, press coverage, voice mails and snippets from one to one interviews but never directly to camera. The documentary is cleverly produced and it shows in the end result - fuss free, understated and brutally honest. 

Take some tissues and I bet, like us, you'll be playing Amy non stop afterwards!!

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