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Wednesday 10 June 2015

The Daily Juice : Raw Press Vs. Detox Kitchen

So by now you'll all be more than aware of our green mantra...

YES clean eating rules! I admit when we first started the our health kick back in January I thought it would be just that - a quick kick, a passing fad. Sticking to diets in the past has been laborious, restrictive and quite frankly one hell of a struggle but not clean eating. Stop the press - does that mean healthy doesn't have to be hard??? Got it in one! You're essentially just cutting out nasties such as processed foods and sugar and replacing them with lashings of food that is super good for you, from berries to nuts and almond milk to smoked salmon. It's all about conditioning your body to want the good stuff over the bad and being mindful of the fuel you're putting into it. 

Doesn't sound so tricky right? Well it's not if you prep and plan your meals ahead of time like a goody two shoes. For me this is doable for the majority of the week but there are those odd days where you get home late the night before and healthy food prep is the last friggin' thing on your mind. For those 'save me' days I have two cracking London based clean eating options to bring to the detox table...

First up, tucked away on Dover Street beneath the Wolf & Badger store lies Raw Press. Run by cousins, this healthy hidden gem sells tasty salads and to die for cold pressed juices. The salads are super lush, my favourite being the baked sweet potato, herb butter, coconut yoghurt and kale chips BUT the juices really steal the show. Raw, organic and packed full of unusual ingredients that make the bottles of magic zing and sing. The 'Citrus' is the winner in my eyes made up of grapefruit, orange, apple, lemon, lime and thyme - delish! 

Up next, the Detox Kitchen. A hop, skip and a jump from Carnaby Street on Kingly Street, this little detox beaut awaits. Founded by Lily Simpson, it's where healthy meets delicious! Well-balanced seasonal salads, egg wraps, beetroot brownies and fresh juices. Known by many thanks to top model and A-list advocates including Elle Macpherson, Suki Waterhouse and Gwyneth Paltrow.

I mostly opt for their famous grab n' go egg-based crepe filled to bursting with spinach, cucumber, hummus and avocado (£4.95) or the box of three salads with a main is pretty lip smacking (£7.95).

Convinced? Well you should be BUT just incase you need anymore persuading the following fitspiration pic should do the job nicely...

Go get 'em detox tiger!

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