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Monday 1 June 2015

Entourage Movie....

I'd love to know how many hours over the years I've whiled away dreaming about my life if I won the lottery. It pretty much features champagne, yachts, holiday homes, walk in wardrobes, shoe closets and non stop fun...not materialistic at all?!

Whilst the odds of that life are pretty slim, I've instead taken to living through Vinnie and the boys in Entourage! With the upcoming movie hitting our screens on 12th June, I've decided to rewatch the whole lot and am totally hooked all over again! Essentially cash to burn and more parties than work = ideal!

Despite being filmed over 10 years ago the partying still look awesome, the mansions heavenly and the cars fast - every boy's dream and one us girls wouldn't pass up either!

If you haven't seen the show it's a definite must, firstly Vinnie is hot, Ari is the best character I've witnessed on TV, Llyod is just too good to be true, Drama's one liners will have you laughing out loud and the whole thing is just tonnes of fun.

What could be better than living with your three best friends who do everything together and would do anything for one another, having an awesomely angry agent screaming down the phone that could rule the world one day (it'd be a very non PC place!) and spending money like water on essentials like matching Aston Martins?! Pretty much up there huh?!

Don't miss out, you've only got 8 seasons and 96 episodes to get through...just a mere 48 hours to be invested my friends and here's what you've got to look forward to...

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