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Friday 13 February 2015

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Hey listen up...

Yes, yes it is! Woooooooop! This week has been a long old slog and there were touch and go times where we thought this blissful day would never arrive! We'll come onto the fun things we've been up to and the products we're loving right now but first we have a very dramatic / funny story to share that will have you chuckling during your commute, at your desk or over a strong G&T Friday-style! 

So, to set the scene that we're about to share involves Middle Mouse, superman shapes and high-speed machinery! Read on... As Mini Mouse shared last Friday, the London Micettes are on a major detox / fitness drive at the minute and as such are hitting the gym Jodie Marsh body builder style! Last Saturday, we toddled off to our local gym to perform our regular routine, kick-starting with our tedious treadmill workout ... 30 seconds fast-paced sprinting, jump to the side of the belt and enjoy 30 seconds rest. Middle mouse was happily listening to pumping tunes and getting her sweat on when out of nowhere she lost her footing ... cue bambi on ice stumbling and falling ... just when she thought she had pulled it back again and regained her composure, she fell again! After several attempts to stay upright her body gave in, belly-flopping onto the treadmill where she shot off the back like a bat out of hell, arms stretched out superman style. The best part - Mini Mouse was running at high-speed next to her and in her attempt to manically bash the emergency stop button she was also taken dowwwwwn, way down ... landing on her bum she shot off the belt backwards landing in a heap on top of Middle Mouse! Major #gymfail or what?!

We're desperately trying to get our hands on the gym CTV footage but in the meantime the following video resembles what went on, minus the saving face push-ups at the end...!

We're happy to report, Middle Mouse is still alive but NOT kicking! Her knees have seen better days and as a result she's been hobbling along all week. Who said the gym's good for you eh?!

Middle Mouse defeated...

So aside from injuring and publicly embarrassing ourselves, this Week the Mice Have Mostly Been...

Breathing new lease of life & love back into our designer shoe collection! It's no secret that we have a major crush on beautiful footwear ... but what happens when those CL signature red soles wear off, patent killer Miu Miu heels get scuffed and suede black Isabel Marant knee-highs look grey from over-use??? Well, there's a very simply shoe solution to quick-fix all of these sad scenarios and it's called 
Cobbler ... before you make the joke, no I'm not talking a load of cobblers! 

They are well known for their magical ways when it comes to fixing up sad shoes that need a facelift. I love a business with a story and Cobbler has one hell of a story ... started back in 1957, the owner, Kyriacos George Zorlakkis made bespoke shoes and boots in Camden and was famed for being the first bootmaker to offer the renowned 'winklepicker' classic. Throughout the 60s & 70s Cobbler worked with legendary music names including the Bee Gees and Slade. They were actually responsible for making those famous silver platform boots worn by Dave Hill of Slade - epic or what?! 

Anyway, I took a load of designer shoes to them a few weeks back, and within the week they had them looking like new again! They are literally miracle workers and lovely lovely people to boot! 

A picture of mine to prove their elfish shoe-mending ways below...

253 Eversholt Street

020 7387 2234

Closest tube: Mornington Crescent 

Rushing home at night to slather our faces with L'Occitane's new Shea Butter Skincare Collection. We can't get enough of this brand at the minute, they keep bringing out moreishly good range after range after range! But this one is, hands down, an absolute beauty dream!

The collection includes spoiling and nourishing face creams, lip balm, toner and cleansers. We were lucky enough to try out the Shea Gentle Toner (200ml, £17) and the Shea Cleansing Milk (200ml, £15). 

So our notes on the cleanser. The perfect texture for our skin - light yet luxuriously creamy, super easy to apply and removes the day's dirt in just a couple of swipes. Enriched with softening shea and soothing licorice extract, it made our skin feel amazingly clean. It's also worth noting how darn good it smells, we've said this before about other L'Occitane shea product but it quite literally smells like babies heads! Soft, powdery and sweet - heaven. 

Onto the toner which is equally as gorgeous. It feels like an oil but lighter and super gentle on the skin. It's alcohol-free and also boasts shea alongside floral waters (orange blossom and cornflower). It's honestly a real treat to use time and time again.
That's us spent! I think we've kept you for long enough now. Off you skedaddle for an...

Huge amounts of love!

The Mice 

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