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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Bags of NYC Awesomeness: Pamela Barsky

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you've likely already seen a fair amount of crazy excitement over our April trip to New York.

To say we're looking forward to a little Mousey reunion in the Big Apple is the understatement of 2015. When we're not planning where we'll be eating, drinking and partying, we're generally compiling long, long lists of everything that we want to buy while we're there, and desperately trying to fathom how the hell we're going to cart it all back home at the end of the trip.

One of our mental shopping obsessions is Ricky's NYC - New York drugstore/make-up nirvana - which we generally hit up several times a trip and always leave with bulging shopping bags and empty wallets. Luckily though, we've already figured out a way to safely transport our enormous Ricky's haul home - a neat little Pamela Barsky make-up bag (or six).

If you're in NYC, you can snap up one of these simple, to the point pouches from Chelsea Market (and we intend to make sure we stock up big time!)

Luckily, even if you aren't off to New York anytime soon, you can still get your hands on a slice of Barsky brilliance courtesy of her fab Etsy shop.

The only issue? Picking from the massive selection of witty one-liners...

Will it be the design that kicked the line off (and still the most popular pouch of all)...


The one that Mini & Middle Mouse will obviously be snapping up...

I Wish I Was a Bit More Like My Sister Quilted Pouch

The one I'll be getting (sort of need to get one made up in plural though...)

My Sister Pouch

The one for stupid-looking but actually highly intelligent blondes...

I Only Look Like a Dumb Blonde Quilted Pouch

Or something that truly expresses your undying love for the big city...

N is for I F***ing Love New York

New York Is My Boyfriend

Happy Humpday Shopping!

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  1. You really do have reunions in the best places you all look like you had so much fun. The make up bags are lovely Lucy x