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Monday 26 January 2015

Awesome Arm Candy...

January is very nearly over which means we've made it through the most depressing month...yipeee! Hopefully your Christmas debt has been cleared, any idea of an alcohol ban is long forgotten and you have at least one holiday booked and in the diary! Which all makes for very happy February campers!

As pay day is just around the corner and we have all the above to celebrate...I think a little treat is in order! There's nothing quite as smug-making as a 'me' present that you've convinced yourself you can no longer live without...scratch that if it comes from some handsome man as a surprise that's definitely way more satisfying, but we'll settle for either!

For me I'm currently dying to stack my wrist with mismatched bracelets of all shapes, gems and sizes! I'm picturing an end result something a bit like this...


Middle Mouse got me started with a gorgeous Eddie Borgo gold cone bracelet for Christmas which triggered me to snap up the slightly chunkier silver version in the Net-a-Porter sale. I've since got a plain & Other Stories silver and cord bangle and am eagerly awaiting another few to join my collection...looks slightly lonely in comparison to those above, I must get shopping QUICK! 

My current magpie bling eye is loving these beauties....

Maria Black, €134

Eyland, £24

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