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Thursday 11 December 2014

All I Want For Christmas : Mini Mouse...

HK Mouse kicked off earlier this week with her Chrimbo wish list so I thought it was about time I put mine together and got it circulating! After all it is only 14 more sleeps until the day itself...oh good God, I must go shopping immediately!

Here goes...

I never leave the house without a fistful of rings or a necklace or two layered up, so it's no surprise that I've spied a gorgeous newbie which I need to be part of my morning outfit build! What's even better is you can not only get the pendant inscribed with your initials but customise it with different chains and charms!!  

Monica Vinader, my perfect combination below £290...

Early morning commutes are bad enough, but they're even worse when the bitter cold engulfs your little hands and tootsies! As you'll soon see, the new theme in my life is how to be as snug and warm as humanly possible! To kick this off I'm loving these cute and cosy mittens...

Topshop, £20

After practically wearing my H&M Isabel Marant suede and leather fringe boots to death, I feel I need to give them a well-earned break and attach myself to a new pair of boots....for the time being anyway! The new apple of my eye...

Iro Boots, £485

Winter has taken it's time rocking up for 2014, so I've done exactly the same in terms of picking my winter coat. So far I've made do with a Whistles number from last year, however I'm ready for an update and this Topshop long line bomber hits the spot! Sport luxe at it's best...

Topshop Bomber, £110

Anyone who has spent even a few minutes with me at Mouse Towers will know I'm one for comfort! My hair is instantly wound into a bun as I walk through the front door whilst simultaneously pulling on my cashmere track suit and removing every scrap of make up. What's missing...a super snug pair of slippers of course!!! 

John Lewis Slippers, £55

If you hadn't guessed already, all three of us have a minor obsession with everything Charlotte Tilbury! Being the mouse with the lowest quota I think I need to up my game and make a few more purchases! I have my beady eyes on practically everything she has ever created so there isn't much that could disappoint!!! 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Can't Live Without It' kit, £99

One item I'm definitely short of in my wardrobe is bracelets, since borrowing a few from Middle Mouse's treasure trove recently, I've decided I need to inject some arm candy into my life! Whilst perusing my favourite lunchtime haunt, &Other Stories, I came across this little beauty...

&Other Stories, £17

Ever since reading HK Mouse's post on the fabulous initial Burberry blanket wraps, I mentally added a Burbs Blank to my ever rolling wish list! However I'm thinking something more in my price range...cue ASOS! I'm loving this two tone colour block fringed number - perfect for both day and evening as a snugly cover up! 

ASOS, £25

Something that will ALWAYS feature on my wish list has to be the ever so beautiful Valentino tote...I know, I know - I can keep on dreaming! Although surely one of FC's little elves can knock one of these bad boys up in his workshop?!

Valentino, £1,995

And last but not least, my knitwear obsession continues and doesn't show any signs of letting up! The piece I'm loving right now and haven't yet snapped up? A cute sleeveless turtle neck from Warehouse. Easy, comfy and the perfect layering staple...pair with skinnies, heels and a statement necklace and BAM office to bar sorted! 

And that's all I want, not much to ask for really is it old Father Chrimbo?!

MM x

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  1. The Charlotte Tilbury make-up is gorgeous and the gloves from topshop yes please Lucy x