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Friday 7 November 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Happy Friday to all our FAVOURITE readers, take a deep breathe and shout a big...

...because it's the WEEKEND!!!

Week one of November down and only seven more to go until Christmas eeee...OK I promise to only issue a countdown once we hit December - however I'm already secretly very excited!!

When we haven't been secretly wishing away four weeks so we can watch Love Actually and Elf, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Checking out Hoxton Square's new addition (and part of our favourite cocktail group) 5CC Electricity Showrooms

I've got a blurry recollection of many nights in my early London years, stumbling around the original Electricity Showrooms bar staring in wonderment at the multi coloured flashing dance floor and generally being a little worse for wear! 

Panic over the bar's still there but the lower floor has been taken over by the fabulous 5CC and transformed the space into a cosy drinking den, with the flashing dance floor still in tact of course!

A couple of weeks ago we fell head over heels for the 5CC bar below, the Well and Bucket on Bethnal Green Road (if you missed it you can check our review out here), so we were super excited to be invited to the Showrooms launch. 

This outpost is a more open space than W&B, but just as cosy and chic. The decor continues in the same 5CC style...leather booths, neon signage adorning the shabby chic walls, candles on every table and an air of a hidden gem fills the room!  

We were kindly greeted with some delicious cocktails - one sip of a Gin and elderflower concoction and I was hooked for the rest of the night! If there is one thing 5CC know it's their cocktails...

With guest DJs at the weekend, I can see that dance floor getting just as much wear as it did before, but this time with a killer cocktail in hand! 

All in all a great addition to the square and of course 3BM's little black book of fun!

Wrapping up snug and cosy...well for a couple of days we did - when the colder weather decided to pop-in. But then last week we were back to temperatures of 24 degrees! Who knows which way it's going to go, however I for one want to be fully prepared when it does permanently kick-in. 

Step one (and the most important in my opinion!) is ensuring your bed is the comfiest, cosiest place to hide away from the Arctic temperatures!! 

When it comes to bed linen we're pretty boring at London Towers, it's pretty much white, white and more white! I love nothing more than crisp white cotton bedding, until that is, I came across Urban Outfitter's range...I think I could possibly be a convert! I may stay safe and stick to the stripes or the arrowheads for now but if you're a little braver they have foxes and all sorts!! 

3BM favs...

Arrowhead Double Duvet Set, £50...

With step one complete, next up is Coats and Knitwear for the perfect Winter warmer wardrobe but we'll tackle that another time...! 

Right you lovely lot, let the countdown commence to your first G&T of the weekend and let the fun begin...!


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