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Friday 10 October 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Yet another week has zoomed by and guess what...we're officially under 12 weeks to Christmas!!! Roll on those cosy cashmere jumpers, steaming mugs of mulled wine and snggly sofa nights in whilst the bitter cold and rain pelts down  outside! 

On the flip side...oh so much to do in 12 weeks...halloween, finding the perfect pair of winter boots and a coat for that matter, Daddy Mouse and HK Mouse's birthdays, picking and wrapping the most perfect Christmas gifts and deciding how to ring in the New!  

Argggg...for now lets just be happy that...

This week the Mice have mostly been...

Scouring the shops for some much needed going out gems. During Summer I always find everyone dresses more casually and as Autumn/Winter hits, we all push into next gear towards dressy. That's fine with us, there's nothing that makes a night more fun than a getting ready session with all the girls, wine and emerging dressed to the nines with a whole heap of fabulous fun ahead! 

One of my best girls is moving to Australia with her husband this week. They promise it's just for a for a couple of years (or so they say!) to explore what the other side of the world has to offer...beaches, sun, BBQs and koalas...mmm tough choice!! 

Anyway we'd planned a big farewell dinner, followed by cocktails and night of full on debauchery at The Box which came with strict instructions to glam up! This I love...until I go shopping and find very few choices in the shops! I was on a last minute mission so online wasn't an option, Oxford Circus was all I had! Topshop nothing but crop tops and sequins, Urban Outfitters just casual, casual and a bit more casual, H&M full to brim of knitwear and knitwear only, COS beautiful but mainly workwear and finally my regular saviour Zara...lots of lovely pieces but all suited to daytime chic and nothing expressing a hint of evening glam! After much huffing and puffing I eventually punted for a tux play suit from Zara - with the help of a few safety pins I felt ready to go but it was a struggle...a bit of a worry when the party season is approaching! 

So...when a little Body Frock parcel arrived earlier this week I breathed a sigh of relief...of course they would come up trumps and placate such worries! Now if you don't know Body Frock you really should...we blogged about them last November and they're simply fabulous! Their secret is a pull-you-in slip dress under each style - it's the answer to all our prayers, once you have one you won't stop wearing it believe me! 

We each chose a dress from the new collection, I went for The Jamie £165...

And Middle Mouse chose The Natalie, £255...

Two outfits sorted thanks to Body Frock, now just fifty more to locate!!! 

Itching to get to the cinema and let the movie nights begin! When the cold creeps in, it's less about wandering the streets trying to find that great new bar that's just opened, and more about trotting off to your local cinema to enjoy a great film all cosy and warm! If it's an Everyman cinema then bonus points as this can be done with a glass of wine and nibbles, perfection! 

And it just gets better and better as there's some seriously good films winging their way to our screens which we're all SUPER excited for! 

First up the recently released Gone Girl, I haven't managed to fit it in my diary just yet but we've got a doodle going with the girls to find a date we can all make and I cannot wait!!! The book was amazing, even if I did scream with frustration at the ending whilst lazing in a hammock overlooking peaceful Sri Lankan paddy fields, there's no denying it was one hell of a page turner. Gushing reviews are already claiming it to be the next box office hit and if you didn't love the book you should go anyway as a couple of hours starring at Ben Affleck is never a bad thing! 

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is released on 21st October and it can't come sooner! I was very late to the party with this one, never reading the books and only watching the first two last month! If like me, you ignored the hype and carried on re-watching Magic Mike and Crazy Stupid Love instead, then I urge you to get up to speed before the release date! They're ridiculously gripping to the point of me having to pause a number of time to calm down and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, you fall in love with her as a character, I officially want to be her when I grow up - beautiful, clever and brave!  

Even if it doesn't seem like a film you'd usually like (believe me I'm the queen of rom-coms), give it 10 minutes you you'll be hooked...

Finally, but by no means least, Fifty Shade of Grey! OK it's not the most literary of books and there were many people out there slating it, however to sell 100m copies worldwide you have to be doing something right?! 

I for one will be there in February next year waiting to see the Billionaire Christian Slater seduce innocent student Anastasia Steele, and the fact that Jamie Dornen plays Christian is the icing on the cake! If you're in the office you may want to plug your ear phones in for this trailer and turn your screen so no one can see...!!

Right on that note I'll leave you all to count down the final hours until cocktail o'clock! Have the most fabulous weekend!

The Mice x

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