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Sunday 26 October 2014

Happy Monday...

So it's that time again...painful, depressing and the lowest point of the majority of our weeks. All three of us feel your desperate pleas to curl back up, snuggle under your duvet and drift back into a cosy slumber rather than battle through the cold and wet to spend the day at our desks. 

HOWEVER we must remember it's not all bad...the clocks may have gone back so the darkness is creeping in that little bit earlier but it's also the sign that Winter's on its way which brings with it...cosiness, candles, knitwear, pubs, red wine, cuddling up, bowls of steaming pasta and chunky socks! 

So we propose you shift those Monday blues, embrace the upcoming season and jump on the happy bandwagon with us...why not hey?! To help spark those warm and cosy feelings I thought a post full to the brim of everything that makes me happy would be very apt! 


Here's to a wonderful week ahead!

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