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Monday 29 September 2014

Five Minutes with Salt Ashes

If you cast your mind back to the gloomy, dark days of early February, you may recall we brought a much-needed dose of disco to your desk with a bit of blog love for an brand new artist - Veiga Sanchez, AKA Salt Ashes

We fell hard for her first single, 'Somebody', back in the spring, and it's been top of our summer playlists ever since. Now that autumn's drawing-in, and we're all in need of a bit of a push to get out of our onesies and onto the dancefloor, what better time to have Salt Ashes back in a blaze of shimmery, synth deliciousness with her second single, 'If You Let Me Go'?

We managed to grab Veiga for a quick chat last week to talk monikers, music and dancing til your feet bleed...

Where did the name Salt Ashes come from (and why not stick with your beyond awesome real name?!)?

The name Salt Ashes kind of attached itself to me and I couldn’t shake it off. I saw it scratched on the side of an old boat on the seafront in Brighton and it wouldn’t leave me… eventually it felt right to use it as a stage name as to me it summarises my writing and mood. I didn’t know my name was that ‘cool’! But, I like changing my name, it keeps life interesting. Maybe I’ll change it again one day…

If you had to elevator pitch your sound to someone who's never heard your music before, how would your spiel go? 

"Electronic, dark, disco dirt, synth-love that will hopefully make you want to dance and scream in the dark."

Career highlight to date?

Playing The Great Escape. I’ve been to that festival for years, with it being in my hometown, always picturing myself on one of the stages so to play it was an awesome highlight. 

What are your top tracks of the year so far? 

 'Time' by Jungle

“All I Need (Roman Flügel Remix) by Daniel Avery

 The ZHU Remix of "West Coast" by Lana Del Rey


Any hot tips for us of new artists to watch for?

I love MØ. She’s been around a little while but most people I speak to still haven’t heard of her which is crazy. The production is awesome and edgy and her lyrics are pretty cool. It’s been pointed out that there’s a slight Lana Del Rey resemblance in her vocal, but this girl has got her own vibe going on and her live show is sick and should be seen. 

Describe your perfect day?

A perfect day for me would be waking up and dancing round my kitchen with shades on and not stopping until my feet bleed. I like getting lost in my own world…no distractions but beats.

If you had to choose three Desert Island Discs, what would they be?

I Feel Love by Giorgio Moroder, Hold Tight by Change and Jöga by Bjork. 

What's next?

My video for the single will be released soon and in the mean time I’m writing and still creating more and more which will never stop I hope. 

Salt Ashes' second single, 'If You Let Me Go', is out on 20th October.

And, because we're good to you like that, here's a sneak peek...

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