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Monday 18 August 2014

What's in Middle Mouse's Suitcase...

Hong Kong mouse bought you her suitcase secrets a few weeks back so it's now time to uncover mine and Mini's in a two-part instalment! Starting with me...

Most would hold their hands up and say they HATE packing for a trip away. You're either the kind that leaves it til the very last minute, putting it off and off until there's just no avoiding it. This often means two things... 1. those handwash items that have been lingering at the bottom of your washing basket since the last holiday (often your best summer buys) are yet again, left behind weeping into the darkness and 2. you arrive at your tropical destination with a suitcase full of mismatched tops and bottoms and you spend the remainder of your holiday resembling that of a dishevelled TOWIE cast member! OR you're the other type that spends the days and even weeks in the run up painstakingly planning and pulling your holiday-fabulous looks and making constant lists to ensure you've covered off every possible holiday scenario that may arise! 

I'm the painful planner type! I like to know I'm going to arrive and feel good about the outfits I have to choose from. You don't have the luxury of a wardrobe full of goodies so therefore as far s I'm concerned, careful forward thinking is a must.

So onto my can't-live-without-you travel companions...

Maxi dresses galore - from JosaMimiMangoTwenty8twelve to name a few!

After a scorcher of a day in the sun all I want to do is shower away the day's lotion layers and slip into a floaty, cool and most importantly, roomy maxi dress! As you know us Mice like our food and when we're on holiday we border on out of control piggyness (so not a word, but I like it!) So a spacious dress is a must! 

NARS duo palettes (£25) - Indian Summer and Marie-Galante 

Layer upon layer of make-up on holiday is not necessary. Your skin is bronzed and glowing, except maybe for the first few days when lobster red springs to mind and then a face full of foundation is most definitely imperative!! That aside, the only products I really use are a smidge of highlighter on my cheeks, a coating of mascara on my lashes and a touch of eyeshadow. There really is no need to bring anything more. In terms of holiday perfect products NARS hits the spot with their duo palettes. I always bring a light and a dark option to ensure all bases are covered...

NARS Body Glow (£44) - Body Glow

I'd always opt for oil over moisturiser, so much more nourishing and extravagant! And this NARS number is even more of a treat as it has that added extra sparkle - quite literally. A small amount goes a long way and you're left feeling silky smooth and shimmering!

Victoria's Secret bikinis (£40 each) - Colour popping, flattering and uber fun! 

The best bikinis I've purchased for a long while. These beauties are ALWAYS at the top of my 'can't wait to wear' list. I always wait impatiently a couple of days into my holiday before rocking them as you need a bronzed edge before they look their best. Bikini strategy 101! 

Raybans (£135) - the pink round mirrored reflective style 

You can't go far wrong with a strong pair of Raybans now can you! I'm the proud owner of a few pairs now but the newest addition to the RB family are my absolute favs. Round. Mirrored. Pink. Gold trim. Immense! 

& Other Stories sunhat (£16) - straw visor 

If, like me, you're a sun worshipper but have that sweaty face issue, then a stylish sun visor is your saviour! No need to suffer in a New York Yankee or Tiger Wood's golfing style cap, & Other Stories have these chic straw versions, made even more fabulous with silk trims in black and floral...

Robert Pruitt for Jimmy Choo luggage tag

Every suitcase needs flair, even if it's just a red sticker on it's handle so you can identify it when it comes whirling around the airport carousel! That seems too sad though and not nearly special enough for your number one holiday companion - without your suitcase on holiday, where would you be huh? It's worth it and that's whyyyyyy I dress mine up with a fancy Jimmy Choo luggage tag, nothing but the best for my Susan Suitcase - yes I've lost my mind...! 

Valentino clutch (£930) - the Rockstud wristlet clutch

Saving the best til last. My Valentino Rockstud clutch ... swoon! Ever girl needs a super cute clutch under her arm to accompany her every evening on holiday to carry casheroo, lipstick and a camera. Granted, most would opt for a cheap and cheerful Topshop version but not me, I can't leave this baby behind! Something this beautiful deserves to see the world with me...

And that's it! Eyes peeled for the contents of Mini Mouse's suitcase contents very, very soon...

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