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Tuesday 12 August 2014

3BM Kitchen : The Londoner's Boozy Lemon Frosties...

After a booze-fuelled Friday night, we awoke a little fragile on Saturday morning with only one thing for it if we were ever going to host birthday celebrations that evening...a big brunch in the fresh air at Pavilion followed by a day of sofa snoozing! 

Feeling a little more human, we got to grips with all the necessary preparations for the evening ahead. With everyone a little worse for wear, we decided a more low key affair was in order so of course delicious cocktail, canapes and a feast fit for a king were all musts! 

After our post last week, we knew figs, goats cheese and truffle honey had to feature on the menu - the girls would have simply killed us if they missed an opportunity to sample our new addiction, and a few other trusty favourites! 

However the star of the show had to be a recipe from the Londoner blog - Boozy Lemon Frosties! The thought of starting hardcore drinking so soon wasn't the most appealing idea, so the idea was to ease us all in with these super tasty sorbet delights! And what's even better is they couldn't be easier to create! 

Grab a blender, a tub of sorbet (we tried lemon first and then raspberry second time round - however lemon was definitely the best option) add a good few glugs of gin (or vodka), whizz up for a few seconds and slurp away until your heart's content!!!

Delicious, fresh and potentially pretty lethal...!

After a couple of these we were more than ready to crack onto the peach bellinis, a bit of Prosecco and a couple of G&Ts followed by an evening of girlie gossip whilst polishing off further tubs of Ben & Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream - perfection!! 

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