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Tuesday 29 July 2014

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Uli On It...

As self-obsessed jewellery addicts we're always on the look out for the next killer collection or trend. Move aside real diamonds and pearls and step forward ... drum roll ... Uli - rubber and textile jewellery!

Uli jewellery pieces - necklaces, earrings and brooches - are super unusual in the fact that that they're all handmade using the latest screenprint textile technology. Made in Amsterdam using fabric and rubber, each design features printed strands of diamonds, pearls and chunky chains. 

I stumbled upon the brand the other week when I was in Fenwick - there in the jewellery section were bundles of these colour popping, rubbery necklaces all strung up. I was immediately drawn to them and instantly wanted to touch each one. Their rubber feel is quite addictive and so contrasting to everything else on sale in the store.  

I can imagine these beauties looking gorgeously standout against a LBD or ripped jeans and a plain tee. 

A new 3BM obsession and one for the lust list! 

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  1. thanks for the post ;) greetings from Amsterdam Uli