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Monday 21 July 2014

Hong Kong's Hangover Hang-Out: The Diner

Picture the scene - it's Saturday morning, you've just cracked open your right eyelid sending sunlight splintering through your eyeball and into your skull triggering the first jackhammer of what's sure to be the king of headaches. Peeling open the other eye only rachets the pain up a notch and means that you catch sight of the tangle of debris scattered from the door to your bed including a half-eaten kebab and a pair of neon flashing glasses. Last night was clearly awesome, if only you could see past the haze and remember what happened beyond that tray of vodka jellies...
While it's unlikely that anything is going to completely cure you, there are approximately seven hours until you need to be shimmying back into your stilettos ready to do it all again, so what's a girl to do? Well, if your bed happens to be not too far from Arbuthnot Road in Hong Kong, we'd say you should peel yourself out of your pyjamas and into something with a stretchy waistband, it's time to head on down to The Diner, and show that hangover who's boss.
This all-American beauty has just thrown open it's doors and is serving up a menu stuffed with burgers, milkshakes and ice-cream sundaes - comfort food guaranteed to kick your hangover to the curb. 

Decked out with a checkered floor, vintage jukeboxes, red booths and even a 1958 Cadillac converted into a couch, the only thing missing is Danny Zuko...


Very soon the Diner will also be serving up brunch. We had a peek at the menu, and let's just say it's the stuff of a brunch piglet's dreams, think: blueberry buttermilk pancakes, breakfast burritos and Fat Elvis Waffles (waffles with banana, bacon, maple syrup and peanut butter butter - yeah that's a thing...).  

Right now, you'll have to content itself with staple diner fare - good old burgers and milkshakes, which let us tell you, are pretty damn amazing! 

We took a couple of A-grade hangovers down there yesterday, ordered up a couple of Malted Malteaser milkshakes (heaven in a glass), a Diner burger (two 3oz patties, Monterey Jack cheese, caramelised onions, gherkins, mustard and special Diner sauce) and it's big sister, the Double D (basically just a super-sized Diner burger), and we rolled out an hour or so later, good for nothing but a snoozy afternoon with the papers. 

The Diner burgers are made from 100% USDA Angus beef, are grilled to a juicy, smoky medium (unless you ask for it to be cooked otherwise) and come stuffed with whatever other delicious things you've ordered, inside a squidgy, soft brioche bun. Completely and utterly lipsmackingly swoonsome.

Fries are shoestring and handout - crispy, salty and unlikely to hang around for long.

All in all, this is Diner dynamite. Especially given that it's just a hop, skip and a stumble from Mouse Towers HK, it may just become a regular weekend haunt...
G/F 4-8 Arbuthnot Road
Hong Kong
No reservations

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