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Friday 6 June 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Weekend Greetings Blog Buds, it's....

We hope that as you read this, you're making lots of exciting, cocktail-soaked plans for the next two days. To help speed along the rest of your office-bound day, here's a quick rundown of the week gone by in Mouseland. Grab a coffee (and  cupcake - go on you deserve it...), this week the Mice have mostly been...

Getting down and dirty with what's sure to become a skincare stalwart - GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

This week has been very much about relaxing and recharging after too much fun at the weekend, so there have been lots of lazy nights-in with the obligatory at home beautifying. While finally getting round to watching Pitch Perfect (loved it - ideal girls' night-in movie), we decided a mani and face pack were in order. We picked up a pot of GlamGlow's Supermud last week and had planned to do a full review in a month or so on the basis that products generally don't have instant effects and we'd need to give it a fair go. Well, scratch that. This is a wonder product and we don't say that lightly. 

Slather on a thin layer of the pepperminty mud, it has some weird lumpy bits which are apparently tea leaves, so don't worry about those. You'll feel a tingle as it goes on and then you leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes while it dries to papier mache consistency and sucks out all the bad stuff. In a disgustingly fascinating twist, you can actually see the gunk that's been drawn out through the dark spots as the mask dries down - love a product you can actually see working. Once the time's up rinse it off with warm water and you'll reveal glowy, velvety smooth skin. Any blemishes are instantly reduced and here's the really miraculous part - pores are miniscule, actually noticeably tiny. A couple of days on and I'm still marvelling at my new skin. Go and buy a pot now, make sure you spread the word, and thank us later.

Rediscovering H&M's cooler, edgier big sister store, COS. We try do a spot of wardrobe rehab every few months, editing out things that don't fit, are worn-out or broken or that we just don't wear anymore. Aside from leaving us with a more streamlined, tidy collection of clothes, this also means we have room for new season pieces. Win, win!

A recent clear-out also lead us to identify a bit of a gap in our work wardrobes. While we've got the basics covered, we're missing those colour pops and more interesting pieces that can lift a dull day behind your desk. En route to Zara on a mission to fill the gap, we wandered past Cos and spyed a bright green top calling our name. We haven't shopped in Cos for a year or so for one reason or another, but we popped in to check out the top, and left an hour later laden down with bags... Because we're short and quite small we have to dodge the boxier, mid-length stuff, but Cos does a great line in well-cut, nice quality pieces with a dash of added quirk. Everything we picked up feels far more high end that highstreet and we've already worn (and been complimented) on lots of our purchases. Cos is very much back on the 3BM high street shopping radar. 

Here are a few of our fav buys:

COS Graphic Print Skirt


While we were in there, we also couldn't resist adding to our pool of wardrobe staples. If you haven't discovered yet, Cos does the best basic T-shirts on the high street (think T by Alexander Wang without the giant dent in your bank balance), at this price, you can snap them up in every colour.

Giving it even more lip with yet another new lipstick purchase. Yup, we know that we said last week that we aren't really lipstick girls, but this week's new lip product may just tip us into full-blown lipstick addiction... Lipstick Queen's Velvet Rope in Star System.

Velvet Rope is a matt lipstick but unlike other matt products, it doesn't feeling drying or waxy and glides on leaving a silky slick of colour. Quite aside from the fact that it gives great lip, we adore the packaging which is very Tom Ford-esque and makes us feel like Marilyn Monroe.

We played it safe this time with Star System, the perfect nude, but we're now eyeing up Black Tie and Brat Pack - much punchier reds - and have a feeling that our Lipstick Queen collection may be growing exponentially in the very near future...
Coffee drained? Only cupcake crumbs and a smudge of icing left?

Phew, because that's a wrap!

We hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, we'll mostly be making sure we live by our weekend mantra...

Lots of love
The Mice

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  1. The Glam Glow looks interesting will be interested to see how it holds up over time. Looking forward to the blog post review of it to follow. I love Liz Earle hot polish to bring my skin back to life. The Cos graphic print skirt is lovely. Wishing you all a lovely weekend Lucy x